Depersonalization Induced by E-Cigarettes and Vaping

shutterstock_306241853For many the ritual of smoking is as essential as the intoxicating and medicinal effects. Much like a glass pipe or marijuana cigarette, a vape pen can be passed around and shared, offering much the same social experience. Not only that, if you are going to be using your cannabis in an outdoor area or in an apartment building, vaping is more respectful to those around you. This may also be a legal necessity, depending on where you live as many rental buildings in Colorado, California, Washington, and Oregon have across the board smoking bans.

In terms of style and flavor, some cannabis enthusiasts insist that smoking is the most effective way to experience the taste, aroma and effects of their cannabis or concentrates. This is not necessarily the case, especially considering the advancements that have been made in vaporizer technology in recent years. Temperature controls are a feature of many of them, and even those without such capabilities are still designed to heat the flower or concentrate to the perfect temperature, unlocking subtle flavor notes that could have been undetectable if merely smoked. Not only that, the effects are felt more or less instantaneously. Furthermore vaping is also one of the most efficient uses of cannabis product. Almost nothing is wasted.

When it comes to tobacco, switching to an e-cigarette is even more beneficial. With smoking becoming increasingly frowned upon in public areas, using an e-cigarette is the more socially acceptable way to ingest nicotine in public. You will not risk a fine using it outside, and some public places even allow for indoor use. Of course, the most significant reason to forgo cigarettes in favor of e-cigarettes is your health and wellness. Tobacco, particularly the inexpensive, chemical-laden tobacco used in American cigarettes is extremely harmful. Not only is it carcinogenic, it massively increases the risk of emphysema and a plethora of heart conditions, including heart attack and stroke. While e-cigarettes still need to be studied more, it is clear that they are far less damaging to the heart and lungs than traditional cigarette smoke. Whether you are a casual smoker or a heavy user, switching to an electronic cigarette is a smart and health-conscious decision.


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