Smoking vs. vaping

shutterstock_299809832Despite some old-fashioned holdouts, vaping is quickly replacing smoking as the most direct and practical way to use cannabis and its byproducts. It is healthier, more convenient and far less disturbing to those around you who may not be as fond of the smell of cannabis smoke as you are. For these reasons and many others, you would be wise to begin shopping for a quality portable vaporizer. That being said, it is important to do your research first, as there are some pretty abysmal excuses for vaporizers today, and why put high quality cannabis extracts into an inferior device? When you have found a good portable vaporizer, like one  from The Kind Pen, you will never want to go back to traditional smoking methods.

It goes without saying that health is one of the biggest reasons why vaping is positioning itself to replace smoking, as the primary means of consuming medical or recreational cannabis. Unlike smoking, vaping does not involve the inhalation of combusted matter, a practice that is dangerous no matter what you are smoking. Particularly for those seeking medical benefits from their cannabis and cannabis byproducts, vaporizers offer all of the effects, without the potential lung and throat damage.

Another benefit of good vaporizers is that they are extremely convenient to use and are compact and portable. Instead of having to light up a joint or pack a pipe bowl when you want a quick puff , you can simply take out your vape pen and inhale. Most quality vape pens, including the Kind Pen, can be loaded with a substantial amount of extract, enabling you to puff all day and night.

Finally, vaping is easier to do without disrupting those around you. Though cannabis is legal in states like Colorado and Washington, enthusiasts cannot simply smoke wherever they please. Other than your own home or a cannabis bar, there are very few locations in which you can legally smoke your high-quality product. In fact, many landlords actually forbid their tenants from smoking marijuana indoors, despite the fact that it is legal. While vaping remains in a somewhat gray area, it is far easier to take a puff from a pen than to light a joint, whether outside or indoors. Since it is not considered smoke, vaping is not banned in most private residences and can be done outside, as long as there are no explicit restrictions.