Sticking to Vaping – How to Commit to E-Cigarettes

Your story is all too familiar to thousands that struggle with committing to vaping in the long run. You’ve tried using e-cigarettes, you’ve even managed to stick with them for a couple of days, but, inevitably, you would find yourself lighting a cigarette sooner or later.

What’s up with that?

According to a number of studies, vaping seems to have an upper hand when compared to smoking. It’s cleaner, non-combustible, and some studies even suggest that it might be up to 95% safer than smoking.

If that’s the case, why isn’t everyone substituting analogs with vape pens? The truth is, it’s difficult changing one habit for the other. In all fairness, you’ve probably nursed your smoking habit for years – it makes perfect sense that you won’t be able to break it that easily. The habit-forming process can take months, but enormous amounts of willpower and determination are needed to break the vicious cycle.

What you need to remember is not to beat yourself up too hard if you don’t succeed the first couple of times. Vaping isn’t as easy as pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one up. You have to deal with vape juice, nicotine percentages, PG/VG ratios, batteries, and all that stuff.

However, when you finally manage to push through the initial stages, you’ll find that the rewards are pretty awesome. There are so many good things going for vaping right now that can’t be ignored. That’s why you need to make a firm commitment next time and do your best to swap smoking for an e-cigarette!

7 Tips That Will Help You Stick to Vaping

When it comes to vaping, persistence is the key. To make things a little bit easier, we’ve prepared this list with seven vaping tips that will help you reach your goal and finally commit to vaping.


  1. Consider the Device You’re Using

    If you’re anything like most beginner vapers, you were probably tempted by cigalikes and disposable e-cigarettes that you can find in convenience stores and gas stations. They are easy to use, practical, affordable, and right there. On the other hand, they are not as effective as other, more advanced vaping gear. Studies show that cigalikes (small devices that resemble regular cigarettes and are disposable) are underdogs when it comes to delivering nicotine – they will never be able to satisfy your cravings as well as a regular cigarette will.

    Second-generation vape devices are much better at delivering nicotine than cigalikes. That’s because they have larger batteries and use specially designed tanks with coils, which are more effective when it comes to vaporizing e-juice. For example, TheKindPen’s all-in-one vape device, Discreet, will provide you with a satisfying nicotine hit, similar to the one that you get from a combustible cigarette.

  2. Ease of Use is Important

    Cigalikes are pretty easy to use – you simply put them between your lips and you take a drag. However, as we’ve already said, they are not overly effective. Opting for a larger device means that you will have to sacrifice a bit of convenience, but not all of it. Vape pens and mods may look intimidating, but manufacturers are aware that people who are transitioning from smoking to vaping need to be able to use them without too much hassle.

    That is why those devices are generally user-friendly. All you need to do is fill up your tank with vape juice, adjust the temperature, and you’re ready to vape. Of course, there’s more to them, but you can comfortably ignore all the bells and whistles until you’re ready to tinker with them. As a beginner vaper, you should aim for regulated vape devices that combine power and ease of use.

  3. Experiment with Flavors

    Vaping is a lot different from smoking, flavor-wise. Generally, new vapers start off with tobacco or menthol flavors, trying to get something that’s as similar to cigarettes as possible. However, this approach can be detrimental when it comes to committing to vaping. Using an e-cigarette will never be a 100% the same as smoking, and it shouldn’t be. It should be close enough but also different enough to provide some excitement and entertainment.

    Experiment with all the vape juice flavors out there and don’t limit yourself to tobacco only. Try desserts, fruit, cakes, watermelon, pineapple, grapes – heck, you can even try smoked bacon if you want to! The trick is to start enjoy to vaping differently than smoking, and that’s easily achievable if you simply sample everything that’s on the vape juice menu.

  4. Pick the Correct Nicotine Strength

    Beginner vapers often don’t know how to correctly pick the nicotine strength to vape on. They assume that 6 mg (or 9 mg) will be more than enough to get them through the day. Well, that might be the case if vaping was as effective at delivering nicotine into your bloodstream as smoking is. However, since it’s not, you have to cheat a bit.

    Generally, a pack-a-day smokers should start with 12 mg vape juices to test the waters a bit. If that’s underwhelming and there’s a lingering craving for a cigarette, going up to 18 mg is recommended. Weekend smokers and people who limit their smoking to half a pack per day can start with 9 or 6 mg, and see how that works. Basically, since you’ve already gone through all the trouble of getting vaping gear, there’s no sense in worrying about nicotine levels. Eventually, you will be able to scale down on your nicotine intake and even go as low as 3 milligrams. However, in the beginning, it’s best to pad things up a bit so you don’t slip up and light a cigarette after an unsatisfying vape session.


  1. Dual Use Is Not Bad

    Being a dual user who smokes a couple of cigarettes in addition to vaping every day is not the worst thing that can happen. Going from a pack to zero cigarettes per day is difficult, so don’t despair if you can’t do it just yet. Vaping can’t instantly replace smoking but can give you enough of the incentive to eventually quit.

    For better results, you should aim to make vaping a regular thing. To do that, count the cigarettes you don’t smoke because you’re vaping (that’s way better than counting the ones you do smoke). You’ll notice that the number of cigarettes you don’t smoke is slowly increasing until, one day, you’re completely cigarette-free.

  2. Pay Attention to Throat Hit

    You’ve probably never given it much thought, but throat is an important sensory canal for smokers. There’s something called the throat hit – basically, a tingling sensation that you get when smoking a cigarette, and smokers don’t know they miss it until it’s not there. Not all vape juices will provide you with a satisfactory throat hit so it’s important to know what to look for.

    High PG (propylene glycol) juices generally give you a better hit so look for 80/20 PG/VG blends at the beginning. In addition to that, a higher nicotine strength will also work – if the throat hit is not pronounced with a 3 mg vape juice, try 6 or 9 milligrams. That will usually do the trick. Of course, as the time goes by, throat hit will become less important so you will be able to cut down on nicotine and switch to predominantly VG (vegetable glycerin) vape juices, which are better at carrying flavors and produce more vapor.

  3. Count Your Money All the Way to the Bank

    Monetary benefits of vaping shouldn’t be overlooked. Depending on what type of vaper you are, you could be looking at savings of up to $1,500 every single year. On average, that’s an 80% reduction when compared to regular cigarettes.

    Always keep that thought somewhere close to the surface. If you feel like you really want a cigarette, think about all the money you’re saving and plan on how you’re going to spend it. A short vacation maybe? Putting it toward your kid’s college fund? There are so many options other than just taking a wad of cash and setting it on fire, which is what you would be doing if you buy a new pack of cigarettes.


Committing To Vaping Just Got a Little Bit Easier

Sometimes you can do everything right, and still have a hard time switching to vaping and sticking to it. That’s ok. As long as you put in the effort and don’t dismiss it completely, committing to vaping will become easier every time you give it a try. We do hope that these tips will help make that transitional period a little easier. Eventually, you will be able to get rid of smoking and if vaping helps you just a tiny bit during that journey, it was well worth the effort.


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