Ten Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

shutterstock_366905219Herbal vape pens provide you with the ability to vaporize and “smoke” your favorite herb.  In addition to using dried herbs in vape pens, you can also use wax or essential oils, also known as e-juice.  These are not to be confused with e-cigarettes that are made by tobacco companies and resemble an actual cigarette.  Herbal vape pens are only sold in vape shops and are different than traditional e-cigarettes.

Unfortunately, many people try and fail to quit smoking regular cigarettes.  When they replace their cigarettes with an herbal vape pen, their success rate is much higher.  However, chances are, the media has exposed you to more misinformation than facts about vaping.  Here are ten myths you may have heard, along with the actual facts behind them.


Myth:  The ingredients in herbal vape pens are bad for your health.

Fact:  Herbal vape pen essential oils contain just four ingredients:  all natural vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, (the main ingredient in albuterol, which is used for asthma patients), flavoring, and nicotine, if desired.

Myth:  Herbal vape pens contain just as much nicotine as regular cigarettes.

Fact:  Herbal vape pens use very little to no nicotine at all.

Myth:  Vape manufacturers are producing flavored oils to attract minors.

Fact:  The oils produced are a complex blend of flavors for the adult palate, and most shops card you if you look under 25.

Myth:  The lack of government regulation makes vaping dangerous.

Fact:  Manufacturers put a warning label on every bottle, and they use childproof caps.

Myth:  Secondhand vapor is just as dangerous as secondhand smoke.

Fact:  Many studies have been done that show that secondhand vapor indicates no apparent risk to human health.

Myth:  Vaping does not help you quit smoking.

Fact:  Studies show that 72% of former smokers reported that vaping helps them deal with cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms, while 92% reported reductions in their smoking.

Myth:  Public health organizations do not approve of vaping.

Fact:  Public health organizations in both the United States and the United Kingdom support the use of vaping to help smokers quit.

Myth:  Not enough studies have been done to support vaping.

Fact:  Numerous studies have been done to determine the safety of herbal vape pens, and they have concluded that vaping is far less toxic than smoking cigarettes, is more effective than using pharmaceutical products to quit, and pose no risk to bystanders.

Myth:  There are no laws to protect minors.

Fact:  Minors are prohibited from purchasing herbal vape pens in ten states, and legislation is pending in 12 more.

Myth:  Herbal vape pens are a gateway to tobacco abuse by teens.

Fact:  A study done by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center found just one person who used herbal vape pens later transitioned to tobacco cigarettes.

If you are looking to replace your cigarette habit with something healthier or just want to try something new, an herbal vape pen is a good choice for you.