The Benefits of Vaping

shutterstock_138085490Unless you have been asleep for the past few years, you know that the wide world of weed has changed quite a bit, and states like Oregon and Colorado are at the forefront of the legal recreational marijuana movement. Cannabis enthusiast in both states, as well as the more than twenty states with some form of medical cannabis, still use this marvelous herb for health reasons. Smoking, however, may not be the most beneficial way to consume it. Smoking in any form can be detrimental to your health and can counteract many of the benefits of this versatile health supplement. For those who still want to feel the therapeutic effects instantaneously, vaping is the only other option.

Vaping is a much healthier way of inhaling the THC and other cannabinoids present in high quality cannabis and cannabis extracts. As with smoking, the effects are almost immediate, since the lungs are the quickest route to the brain. When ingested, it can take thirty minutes to an hour or more for the effects to be felt. This is far too long to wait for someone suffering from anxiety, stomach pain or many of the other ailments for which cannabis can be an effective treatment.

Of course, with vaping rapidly on the rise in the cannabis-using community, there are bound to be countless products to choose from. Many are overpriced, and many others are downright dysfunctional. Pen vaporizers have become popular because of their small size, portability and convenience.  The Kind Pen is one of the few vape pen retailers that is both affordable and effective. The Kind Pen also offers a lifetime warranty, so you can count on your device for years to come. There are a few different models, some of which are designed for both extracts and dried herbal cannabis.

With vape pens rapidly taking over, extracts have begun to surge in popularity. Extracts are ideal for vaping because they are much more concentrated than standard sinsemilla. Stronger cannabis means the therapeutic effects are felt more rapidly, even if you only have time for a single inhalation. Unlike dabbing, the method of choice for many extract users, vaping is much less harsh. It also does not require the use of a blow torch, a rather volatile accompaniment to such a therapeutic product. According to, dabbing is considerably less harmful than smoking, but it cannot be compared to vaping. Because of the high levels of heat, dabbing still subjects your lungs and throat to the harshness and potentially unhealthy effects of combusted plant matter. Vaping is also the more efficient delivery system for concentrates, as a great deal of product is wasted with every dab.

Not every connoisseur is going to get onboard with the vaporizer trend, but it is gaining momentum. Vaporizers represent the most heath-conscious demographic of the cannabis loving community and may be the key to bringing cannabis into the mainstream of medicine. They truly are the THC delivery system of the modern age.