Vape Pens: What you need to know.

shutterstock_215248015A vaporizer pen is a great option if you want to enjoy vaping everywhere you go and do it discreetly.  A vape pen, as it is commonly called, is similar in size and shape to a writing pen and fits right in your pocket or purse, which makes it simple and easy to take along with you.

Vape pens are cordless and are made up of three parts, the mouthpiece, the atomizer for heating, and a rechargeable battery.  There are a number of benefits when choosing a vape pen for vaping.  Some of those benefits include:

  • Vape pens are simple to use even for beginners.  Most of the time, they just have a single button that you push to heat the material inside.
  • They have discreet designs.  They look almost identical to electronic cigarettes.
  • You can use them multiple times on a single charge.

A vape pen allows you to vaporize dry herbs, concentrated oils or wax and is an excellent choice if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes.  E-liquid oil vape pens are available with or without nicotine blends depending on your individual needs.  Dry herb or wax vape pens are also available.  Or, if you would like to try all three types, you can purchase a 3-in-1 combination model.

Once you have selected the type of vape pen you want to use, you need to consider how the materials inside it are going to be heated.  There are two categories, conduction and convection.

With conduction vape pens, the material comes in direct contact with the heating element.  You only have to wait a second or two to get vapor.  It is also the most cost effective option.  With convection vape pens, the material gets hot by warming the air inside the pen and then blowing it through the oil, wax, or herbs.  While these take longer to heat up, they can do a better job of vaporizing the material.

Once you have determined whether you will choose conduction or convection vaping, you can think about other features such as:

  • Battery Life – How long will you be vaping away from home?  If not that often, battery life may not be as important to you as some of the other features.
  • Style – Vape pens come in a large variety of styles and colors, so you can select something that is unique to you.
  • Size – While all vape pens are relatively small, some are longer than others and can hold more material.
  • Warranty – The higher quality of the pen, the longer the warranty will be.
  • Price – There are options to fit every budget.

With vaping, you have all the benefits of smoking without the health risks.  It is socially acceptable, so you don’t have to leave the room or go outside to enjoy a smoke.  If you thought you would never be able to quit smoking cigarettes, vaping gives you a new opportunity to ditch the cigarettes for good.


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