9 Best Weed Strains for Treating Glaucoma & Protecting Your Eye Health 

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Glaucoma sufferers have several treatment options on their disposal – from pharmaceutical drugs to surgery. But up until recently, the potential of cannabis in alleviating the symptoms of this serious eye disease were not known.

Luckily, there’s serious research out there that suggest that cannabinoids can play a crucial role in reducing intraocular pressure, slowing down this disease in its tracks

What’s also known today is that some cannabis strains – vape friendly ones at that! – do a better job when it comes to protecting your eyes. In this post, I’ll

Some strains on this list are well-known so you can check here if you’re already using them:

  1. Sour Diesel –  might energize those optics with its fast-acting, sativa-dominant beauty, potentially contributing to increased alertness and managing glaucoma symptoms.

  2. Blue Dream – our hybrid friend, combines balanced effects, offering relaxation without sedation—a potential relief for the pressure associated with glaucoma.
  3. Harlequin – high-CBD savior, step onto the stage with potential anti-inflammatory benefits, assisting in managing eye pressure and discomfort associated with glaucoma.

  4. Cannatonic – celebrated for its high-CBD profile, enters the stage as a potential savior for glaucoma sufferers. With its focus on CBD, it holds promise for anti-inflammatory benefits that may assist in managing eye pressure and discomfort associated with this serious condition.

  5. OG Kush – the classic hybrid, known for its balance between relaxation and stimulation, could bring relief to the eyes without inducing excessive drowsiness—ideal for glaucoma warriors.

  6. ACDC – renowned for its high-CBD content, could potentially provide relief for glaucoma by offering anti-inflammatory benefits without intense psychoactive effects.

  7. White Widow – a classic indica, may contribute to alleviating the pressure associated with glaucoma symptoms, offering a potentially relaxing and sedating experience.

  8. Northern Lights – another indica champion, could be an ideal choice for winding down, providing potential relief for tired eyes after battling glaucoma symptoms throughout the day.

  9. Charlotte’s Web – a high-CBD warrior, stands out for its potential to soothe tired eyes without inducing psychoactive side effects, making it a potential ally in the fight against glaucoma.

What Makes Cannabis – & These Strains Especially – a Worthy Opponent to Glaucoma?

There’s some promising data suggesting that cannabis, specifically THC, can help lower eye pressure in people with glaucoma. This could potentially be a great option for managing the condition. 

While the effects of THC may not last as long as other medications, ongoing research is focused on finding ways to extend its duration and minimize any psychoactive side effects. 

As we continue to explore this therapeutic potential, there’s hope for developing a cannabis-based treatment that provides long-lasting relief without any psychotropic impact. This could offer glaucoma patients a natural and effective alternative for lowering their eye pressure and improving their overall eye health.

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9 Eye Openers You Need To Try

#1 Sour Diesel

Ever fancied a stroll through a lemon orchard set ablaze? That’s the zesty journey Sour Diesel invites you on. Picture the uplifting effects of this strain as a burst of sunshine – it’s not just a mood lifter and a great weight loss weed strain; it might also lend a helping hand in reducing intraocular pressure, potentially bringing relief to glaucoma sufferers. 

With a THC to CBD ratio that leans towards the THC side, Sour Diesel delivers a cerebral high while maintaining a touch of relaxation. The flavor palette? Imagine the tangy kick of lemon meeting the earthy undertones of diesel – it’s a sensory experience that’ll have you reaching for Sour Diesel whenever you need a bit of sunshine in your life.

#2 Blue Dream

Enter Blue Dream, a hybrid strain that’s all about balance. Imagine a serene beach where relaxation and euphoria gently wash over you – that’s the Blue Dream experience. With potential benefits for glaucoma patients seeking relief without excessive sedation, this strain’s THC and CBD dance harmoniously. The THC brings a touch of euphoria, while the CBD ensures a smooth landing without the heavy sedation often associated with other strains. 

Blue Dream’s flavor profile is a delightful blend of sweet berries and herbal notes – a symphony for the taste buds that complements its well-balanced effects. So, if you’re looking for a strain that can offer a bit of everything without tipping the scales, Blue Dream might just be your go-to companion for glaucoma relief.

#3 Harlequin

Now, let’s talk about Harlequin, a strain with a CBD to THC ratio that’s music to the ears of those seeking relief without a psychedelic journey. Picture this: a calming breeze of anti-inflammatory properties soothing your senses. 

Harlequin’s high CBD content makes it a potential ally for glaucoma patients, offering potential relief from discomfort without the pronounced psychoactive effects. The flavor dance? Subtle notes of earthiness mingling with a hint of mango, creating a palate-pleasing experience that mirrors its gentle effects.

#4 Cannatonic

Enter Cannatonic, another high-CBD champion known for its relaxing properties and potential relief from glaucoma symptoms. With a flavor profile that intertwines earthy and citrus notes, vaping Cannatonic is like sipping on a herbal elixir. The high CBD content ensures a calm, clear-headed experience, making it a favorite among those who seek relief without sacrificing mental clarity. If you’re looking for a strain that can offer relaxation in its purest form, Cannatonic might just be the serene escape you’ve been longing for.

#5 OG Kush

For those in search of a classic, OG Kush steps into the spotlight. Famous for its relaxing effects, this strain might just be the key to reducing eye pressure. The flavor journey is a sophisticated blend of earthy, pine, and lemon notes, creating an experience that’s both familiar and invigorating. As you inhale the OG Kush vapor, envision a serene forest with a hint of citrus freshness – a timeless combination that has stood the test of cannabis enthusiasts through the ages.

#6 Northern Lights

Northern Lights takes us on a journey into the realm of sedative magic. With relaxing and sedative properties, this strain becomes a haven for glaucoma patients seeking relief from intraocular pressure.

#7 White Widow

White Widow, a hybrid gem, offers a balanced experience for those navigating the world of glaucoma relief. With a harmonious blend of effects, this strain becomes a versatile option for managing symptoms without feeling overly sedated. Picture a delicate dance between earthy and flowery notes, creating an aroma that mirrors its well-rounded effects. White Widow stands as a testament to the beauty of balance, providing relief from discomfort associated with glaucoma without tipping the scales in any extreme direction.

#8 Charlotte’s Web

Now, let’s explore the gentle therapeutic powerhouse known as Charlotte’s Web. With low THC and high CBD content, this strain has garnered acclaim for its potential therapeutic effects without inducing a significant “high.” The flavor journey is a subtle mix of herbal and woody notes, creating a mild and pleasant vaping experience. 

Charlotte’s Web becomes a beacon for those seeking relief without the intense psychoactive effects, offering a gentle and calming touch to the world of glaucoma management.


Last but certainly not least, we have ACDC – a strain high in CBD and low in THC, offering a potential sanctuary for those seeking relief without the psychoactive effects. Picture a calming garden where CBD reigns supreme, providing a soothing experience for glaucoma symptoms. 

The flavor profile is a delicate dance of herbal and woody notes, creating an experience that’s both grounded and therapeutic. ACDC stands as a beacon of hope for those who wish to explore the benefits of cannabis without delving into the realms of psychoactivity.

Make Johnny Nash Proud And See Clearly

So there you have it—your guide to navigating the kaleidoscope of weed strains for managing glaucoma. Remember, the key is balance, just like trying to find the TV remote when it’s lost in the couch cushions. Consult with your eye specialist, experiment responsibly, and may your journey be as smooth as an OG Kush exhale. 

Here’s to clear eyes, good vibes, and a stash of strains that suit your groove. Stay chill, and may your glaucoma be on a permanent vacation!

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