Bongs for Vape Pens — 7 Tips for Better Flavor & Hits

bong for a vape pen

Longing for the old days when you’d just hit a bong of the good stuff when you felt like it?

Don’t fret… even though combustion is out for you if you’re a medical marijuana user – or just sworn off burning your best vape strains at high temperatures – there’s still a way to get the most out of your product.

There’s plenty of reasons you should consider upgrading your sessions with the addition of a glass vaporizer bong:

  • cooler vapor making it easier to inhale big hits
  • water filters out tiny particles that make it through
  • smoother hits that are more velvety (and less throat-scratchy)

Read on to learn about bongs for vape devices… and how to use one with your weed vaporizer.

What’s a Vape Bong?

Okay, so I have a little surprise for you right now — vape bongs don’t exist.

I’m not trying to be metaphysical here. They exist in a sense that people attach bongs and water pipes to their dry herb vape pens, and use them to get better flavor and a hard-hitting high.

But… a bong is a bong. A water pipe is a water pipe. A bubbler is a bubbler.

When you hear ‘vape bong’, it’s used to describe glassware that attaches to a portable dry herb vape or a desktop vaporizer. It doesn’t describe a glass bong that’s been designed specifically for vaping.

So think of a vape bong as a collection of glassware and attachments that are used to connect a vaporizer to a contraption filled with water to facilitate a better hit and/or flavor.

In this post, I’ll mostly talk about portable vapes. I’ll also use ‘vape bong’ to mean either a water pipe or a regular bong. It makes little difference in this context, but here’s what you should know when using either of the two.

After this brief primer, I’ll dive straight into 7 tips that will make your bong vape sessions easier, less frustrating, and better-hitting. 

Let’s dive into it!

What is a bong?

A bong is simply a tube, usually at least 1 to 3 inches diameter sealed at the bottom, that can hold water. The bowl is attached to a down-stem, which inserts into the face of the bong near the bottom. Generally, a stem will be about 4 to 6 inches long and a ¼ inch diameter. The stem reaches down into the bottom of the bong tube to reach below the water level and is sealed by a watertight rubber grommet at the hole on the front of the bong tube.

The external part of the tube protrudes a couple more inches upward, outside the bong tube, where you screw on a bowl. As you inhale on the bong, the smoke goes directly through the water where it cools down, and you can then inhale it into your lungs.

Water bubbler is just a fancy name for a bong.

What is a water pipe?

A water pipe is essentially a more sophisticated bong. It has a straw or pipe coming out at an upward angle from the side. Drawing on the straw pulls the smoke through the down-stem, into the water, up into the body of the gourd, and out the straw or pipe.

Thanks to additional glassware, a water pipe manages to cool down the smoke further and allows it to settle a bit. It also preserves the flavor.

7 Tips for a Great Vaping Experience with a Vape Bong

image of a vape bong

#1 Choose the Right Portable Dry Herb Vape Pen

You can pretty much jury-rig a vaporizer-bong attachment from the things you have at home — a rubber or silicone adapter of sorts, some duct tape, and a silicone hose.

It can be done… but it’s not something that I would recommend.

If you’re serious about vaping with a bong or a water bubbler, invest in a vaporizer that already has a water pipe adapter. The OG Jams — our new flagship dry herb vaporizer— immediately comes to mind.

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Keep in mind that vapes have mouthpieces of different shapes and sizes. So their adapters are specific to the vaping device. In some cases, these will be included as accessories. In others, they will need to be purchased separately. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution… but you could be lucky and own two vapes that are similar enough to use the same adapters and connectors.

#2 Keep an Eye On Connector Sizes

vape bong connector sizes illustration

When using a dry herb vape pen, connector sizes tend to be a bit of an issue.

The most common connectors for bongs and water pipes are 14 mm and 18 mm female connectors — these are for larger bongs. Smaller bongs have 14 mm joints. This isn’t set in stone, but it is common.

What’s not common — and can cause problems with the connection — are 14 or 18 mm male connectors. Steer away from them because you’ll have to use an adapter that can accommodate both male and female joints.

Fortunately, most adapters will have a tapered design. This means that they can be fitted relatively snug to your bong and your vape pen. The point here is to find a bong adapter that makes the connection airtight since that’s the only way you’re going to get the best vaping experience. Most online head shops and vape shops will have this available for order.

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#3 Double-check Your Adapter

When getting an adapter — if your vape pen doesn’t because you don’t have the OG Jams that does come with its own adapter — make sure that the fit is snug. You want to make sure that the seal is airtight AND that the adapter won’t stuck in your bong.

This is important because you want to clean your bong of any trapped vapor after each hit. This way, you get a more traditional hit, and you get to enjoy all that sweet-tasting plant matter and active ingredients.

#4 Use a Silicone Tube When Needed [& Keep It Clean]

If you have a small dry herb vaporizer and a small bong, you’ll want to use a silicone tube that easily attaches to both. This gives you more flexibility. It’s easier to maneuver and use the bong this way without it tipping over and spilling everywhere.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to clean this tube regularly. Silicone doesn’t trap odors all that much, but when you’re pushing your heating element to the highest temperature, you’ll get gunk and stuff that can get trapped on the inside of the tube. This will alter the flavor of your cannabis. The best way to clean this out is to use isopropyl alcohol after each session.

#5 Bigger Bong is Better Than a Smaller Bong

Yes, larger bongs are heavier than smaller ones. 

And yes — you might look like a maniac if you carry it with you everywhere you go.


They are also more stable and have a bigger impact on your sessions. For example, they fit more water inside and create a better bubbling action. This brings the heat of your vapor down since it lowers temperature, letting you inhale more while enjoying the flavors.

Another suggestion I want to leave you with is to consider the angle of the adapter. Bongs typically have an angled downstem. However, for ease of use you want one that’s set up more like a dab rig so vertically. It makes it easier to position your vape pen this way, without worrying that it will come crashing down. These types of bongs are rare on the market, but and decent head store is likely to have them [avoid shipping with these because… well, glass].

#6 Don’t Overfill

The easiest way to ruin your weed is to soak it in water.

So, when filling your vaporizer bong, make sure you don’t attach anything to it beforehand. Sort out the water level first, and then attach your pen.

Make sure there isn’t too much water in there. BTW – this is the only time when it’s okay to use water with your vape… when it’s NOT going inside your device!

Remember, this is an airtight space. As you inhale, water might start going up. It could get into the adapter or the portable vaporizer, and then you’re screwed.


Change that bong water once a day!

This is a friendly suggestion because a few sessions in, the water gets rank and smelly, and messes with the flavors. Also, not changing it makes your bong more difficult to clean once you do get around to it. Isopropyl alcohol and sea salt will work fine here.

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#7 Steady Sessions for the Win

Bong sessions are not hasty sessions.

You’ve got glass there. Electronics. Water. One wrong move and the thing could topple, break the water pipe attachment, and spill water everywhere. This would ruin your precious convection vaporizer… and likely shatter your world.

So take it easy.

Find a nice level surface, like a table. Prep everything – water, attachments, everything. And even if you’re using a portable vaporizer, don’t go walking around with it. Grip the bong firmly and stay close to a table in case it slips from your grasp.

Why Not Give the OG Jams a Fair Shake?

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