How To Get the Most Out of Your Vape Pen – Vape Pen Tips and Tricks

If you just got your first vape pen, get ready for the ride. It’s ridiculous how such a small accessory can completely change your life; from helping with smoking cessation to providing you with a better alternative for your dry herbs and concentrates – the list just goes on and on.

However, although vape pens are easy, it doesn’t hurt to know a bit more about them when you’re just getting started. Many a beginner vaper wrecked their vaping setup immediately after unpacking it because they were slightly too eager (and more than slightly clueless) in trying to fire it up.

If you’re just unboxing your new gadget right now, this post will help you sort out that ultimate question – how to use a vape pen correctly? It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular juice pen or a dry herb pen (more on that near the end of this post), the principles are basically the same. Sit back and read on; you’re about to learn a few vape pen tips and tricks that will make your vaping life easier.

How To Get Started With Your Vape Pen?

Well, you’ve unboxed your vape pen, but now what? It’s pretty tempting to just plug it in and having fun with it once it’s charged, isn’t it? Still, that wouldn’t be the best first move because a lot of things can go wrong. Here are a few tips on how to use a vape as a pro from day one.

    1. Always Read the Manual

      It’s boring, it’s tedious, it’s sometimes written in broken English – we know all the excuses. However, failing to read your instructions manual means you’re setting yourself (and your vape device) to fail. The manual will have all the important bits that you need to know to safely use your pen; how it’s charged, can you use a charger other than the one it came with, can it be used for extended periods of time, does it support passthrough vaping – things like that. Not knowing this information means you’re risking busting up your vape before you even get a chance to use it. And, guess what? Not a lot of manufacturers will cover that in a warranty (actually, as far as we know, no one will cover that).

    2. Vaping Material Conundrum

      Since you already have your pen in hand, we’re guessing that you’ve probably bought the one you need for the vaporizing material you have in mind. But, just to be on the safe side, there are three distinct materials you can use: vape juices and oils, dry herbs, and concentrates. Generally, you can’t use one pen for every material, at least, not without some additional equipment. You might think that vape juice and hemp oil are interchangeable, but you would be wrong – it’s down to viscosity and not every coil is built for every liquid.

      As a rule of thumb, use your vape pen to vape only the materials it supports (you will find this info in the manual – go back to step 1 if you haven’t read it). If it can support more than one material (such as The Kind Pen’s V3), make sure to know what needs to be done when you’re switching between materials (adding a mesh so that the dry herb doesn’t burn, or swapping out the chamber so that it can be used with concentrates).


  • Power Up and Load Up

    You’re almost ready to vape – but not quite. Before you hit that fire button, make sure that your pen is properly charged. Most vape pens use built-in batteries, so you will have to connect them to a charger until they are fully charged. Always use the cable that came with the package – some pens don’t take kindly to other charging cables and will short out if charged incorrectly. Also, be smart when charging – allow your battery charge to go down, but not completely, and charge fully, but don’t overcharge (never leave charging vape pens unattended – they will most likely just die, but there’s also a chance that they will short and start an electrical fire).

    As for loading up – if you’re using vape juice, make sure you properly prime the coil (adding a few drops to the wicking holes) before firing. Also, fill up the tank and let it sit for a few minutes to avoid dry hits (cotton burning). In the next part of this post, we’ll explain how to properly fill your chamber if you’re using dry herbs.


  1. Vape, But Use Common Sense

    Regardless of what you vape on, it’s important that you have control over it and use common sense. In the case of vape juices, the dangers are minimal – you can probably get slightly nic sic if you use a nicotine vape juice, but that’s about it. However, burning through too much vape juice in a day will burn a hole in your wallet. Remember, a vape pen is not a lollipop nor a pacifier – don’t use it as such.

    If you’re vaporizing dry herbs or concentrates, the pressure is on to make sure that you don’t overdo it. Most ‘how to use a dry herb vaporizer’ questions we get are not about the technology, they are about frequency. A vaporizer is a convenient way to enjoy something you like without having to work too much for it (rolling joints can be a bugger). Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean you get to abuse it. After all, you can always have too much of a good thing. Use common sense with dry herb vaporizers and ensure that you can function properly throughout the day.

  2. Clean Your Vape Pen Regularly

    Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say so you want to make sure that you keep your pen clean at all times. Granted, this is not necessary when you first unpack it, but it is for every next vape session, especially if you want it to be as good as the first one.

    Regular vape pen cleanings will help prolong the life of your gear, as well as to keep that flavor spot on every single time. To learn more about how to clean different types of pens, make sure to read this comprehensive vape pen maintenance post we published a while back.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your foray into vaping goes as smoothly as possible. Now, because there are vaporizers and then there are vaporizers, we’ll talk a bit about dry herb vape pens, and how to use them without getting a headache (unless that’s the high you’re aiming for).

7 Tips On How To Use a Dry Herb Vape Pen

You might think that using a dry herb vape pen is easy now. After all, you’ve just had a crash course in pens, so you should be able to vape on just fine, right? While it’s true that you can now definitely ‘blaze up’, so to speak, there are still a few vaping tips and tricks you need to know if you want to make the most out of your dry herbs.

  1. Use Fresh Herbs

    The crux of the matter is – your vape sessions will only be as good as the material you’re using. If that material is stale and old, well, that’s exactly how it’s going to taste. This doesn’t mean that you need to pluck your bud straight from the stem and then vape it; allow it to properly cure and dry out, but don’t make it bone dry.

    A good vape depends on a great many things but, in part, it also depends on moisture. Make sure your bud is still moist to the touch, but not so wet that you could potentially squeeze a drop of herb juice out of it.

  2. …And Grind Them Properly

    While you could go the old-fashioned way and grind up herbs with your fingers or small scissors, you should really look into buying a nice grinder. Aim for a nice, medium grind; not too small and not too chunky. This will allow you to get the most out of your herb without it burning and overcooking, and it will also ensure that you’re not wasting precious bud by undercooking it.

  3. Get the Temperature Just Right

    Your vape temperature is another critical part of the mix. You want it to be somewhere between 180 and 210 C – closer to the upper limit if you want a really good buzz, or in the low 180ies centigrade if you want to be able to function properly after your session. This will depend on your style and what you’re after. Different cannabinoids evaporate at different temperatures (producing different levels of high). Experiment a bit until you find a sweet spot that works for you.

  4. Avoid Burning Your Herbs

    If you’re not concerned about your vaping temperature – and you don’t want a leisurely activity to turn into an exact science – at least avoid burning your herbs. That definitely won’t do you any good, plus, you’re wasting good bud. As a rule of thumb, never push your vape pen to its upper temp limits – you’re not vaping tree bark, you’re vaping delicate flowers. Also, fiddle with the settings during each vape session; the right temperature will depend on how tightly you’ve packed your chamber, the level of moisture of the herb, and other things. Remember – if it tastes like a joint, you’re burning it – chuck it out and do it properly on your next try.


  • Pack Your Oven Just Right

    When filling your bud chamber, you can go in one of two directions: packing it too tightly or packing it too loosely. Either way, you’re doing it wrong. Of course, you can take the third route (yep, we lied) – packing your oven just right for the type of material that you’re using. You want to pack your oven pretty tight, but not so tight that you have to get a toothpick to get the material out of the oven.

    If you overpack, you will have a tough time inhaling vapor since the airway will be blocked. Also, a lot of that material will be left uncooked. On the other hand, pack it too loosely and the material will rattle around in the oven, and might even burn more easily, which is not something you want.


  • Inhale Like a Pro

    Believe it or not, the way you inhale on your mouthpiece can dramatically influence the quality of your vape session. The trick here is to take even, short puffs of medium intensity. If you’re taking long, fast drags, you’re introducing way too much air into the system. The air cools the heating element, making it work twice as hard for the same results. Also, by doing this you’re probably sucking up all your material into the mouthpiece, causing it to clog up. On the other hand, shallow puffs will produce little to no vapor, which means your wasting your bud. So, even, medium puffs that last for about 3 seconds each. After that, stop, inhale, exhale, and repeat. And that’s about it.

It Might Not Be Rocket Science, But These Vape Pen Tips Help Immensely

There you have them – tips and tricks on how to use a vape pen like a pro. Now you don’t have to fiddle with it in confusion anymore, and you can put it to good use. Another upside is that you most likely won’t fry it the moment you press the fire button, which is always a positive.

Vape pens are not difficult to use, but you have to know the mechanics, especially if you want to make sure that you have a great vaping experience. Are you having difficulties with your setup? Make sure to drop down to the comments section and fire off a question or an advice. If it’s a question, we will do our best to help!

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