How to Make Your Vape Atomizers Last Longer

I’m guessing that one of the reasons you got into vaping is to reduce your overall cost. Of course, the primary one is the health benefits you’re reaping but still, smoking is expensive and every little bit helps, right? When you add up everything, vaping turns out to be quite cheaper than smoking. However, is there a way to make it even more affordable?

Of course there is!

Two biggest expenses associated with vaping are vape juice and atomizer heads (or coils, as they are better known. There’s not much you can do about vape juice other than buying cheaper or making your own. However, when it comes to vape atomizer heads, there’s actually a lot you can do.

How Long Should A Vape Coil Even Last?

When your vape juice starts to taste funny, it might already be late. There are many things an inexperienced vaper can do to mess up his atomizer heads – not priming the coil, numerous dry hits, excessive chain vaping, and more. That’s NOT how you make your atomizer heads last longer!

Usually, atomizer heads should last for up to two weeks. This depends on the user, of course. Some vapers go through theirs in a matter of days, while others stretch the use to up to a month, with proper care.

If your atomizer head can’t last for more than a few days, chances are you’re doing something wrong and you will need to replace it before you can get back to enjoying full flavor.

How Do You Recognize That the Atomizer Head is Dead?

As already mentioned, the surest sign of a dead atomizer is that awful burnt taste that you will recognize immediately. It’s literally the same taste that you would get if you’d put an old sock in your mouth and lit it on fire. This means that the wick inside the atomizer is burning. Of course, once you’re at that stage, there’s hardly anything you can do about it other than replace the whole thing.

Another sign of a coil going bad is muted flavor. Vaping, for most people, is all about the crisp, delicious flavor that it produces. Unfortunately, vape juice will often gunk up coils so bad (especially if they are not cleaned regularly) that the flavor intensity will go downhill the more you use it.

Last, but not the least, are the leaks. If your vape tank is leaking in the airflow or pin area, that might just be a sign of coil that wasn’t screwed on properly. However, sometimes a badly burned and damaged coil will present the same problem. If re-adjusting the atomizer head doesn’t help, you might be looking at a trip to your local vape shop sooner rather than later.

8 Tips To Make Your Atomizer Heads Last Longer

Now that we’ve covered what atomizer heads are, and how fickle they can be, it’s time to see what you can do to extend their serviceable life. These 8 tips and tricks will come in handy if you’re buying premade coils, and also help you save a bit of money in the process!

Coil Priming is Important!

Coil priming means allowing the vape juice to completely soak the wicking material before vaping. It’s so basic that a lot of people don’t even think about it. However, failing to prime your coil is the main reason why you’re going through atomizer heads like they were cigarettes.

You see, when you put a new coil in your tank and you fill that tank up, you can’t pick it up immediately and vape. That’s because the wicking material inside the atomizer head didn’t soak up the vape juice and it’s still dry. Vaping on dry cotton means horrible-tasting hits and burning the cotton. Do it once and you’ve already ruined a brand new atomizer head.

After you fill up your tank with vape juice, allow it to sit for at least an hour before vaping. That will give it enough time and the wicking material will get sufficiently soaked. If you are impatient, you can simply manually soak the wicking material. Every atomizer head has slits (openings) through which the vape juice enters. Locate those openings and apply a few drops of vape juice to them before you install your atomizer head. Inhale a few times without powering up your device so that the juice can really permeate the wick. Wait for a few minutes until the wicking is thoroughly soaked and you can start vaping.

Switch to High PG Vape Juice

High VG vape juices are very viscous, which means that they are slower to penetrate and completely soak the wicking. However, PG vape juices don’t have the same consistency – it’s not as dense as VG. This allows it to get into the wicking more quickly and, consequently, it gunks up your atomizer head much slower. Since wicks soak in PG faster, your vape juice will have more time to completely coat the coil head in between the puffs, which equals to less dry hits and less burning.

Cut Down on Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is a style of vaping in which you take long puffs often. This increases vapor production and flavor, but it can also damage your atomizer head. That’s because you’re not allowing your wick to get completely soaked in between the puffs. The solution is simple: just put down your vape device for a while – the world will not end! Alternatively, you can try taking shallower puffs often – that puts a bit less strain on the coil and will (probably) not result in burning cotton.

Keep an Eye on Your Juice Levels

This one, again, is pretty self-evident. There’s no point in tugging on your vape when there’s no juice in the tank. You’re risking bad taste and dry hits, and you’re also damaging your coils. Make sure that your tank is always at least half full or, in a pinch, that it’s at least one quarter full. Any lower than that and the juice won’t be coming to the wicking, which means that you are risking burning it and completely screwing up your atomizer head.

Turn Down the Heat

Most modern atomizer heads will come with instructions telling you where they perform optimally – wattage-wise or temperature-wise. Stick to those parameters. Some atomizer heads simply weren’t built for high temperatures because the wicking can’t keep up and you’re using way more juice than it’s actually coming in. There’s a simple solution – check the fine print on the atomizer head and adjust the temperature of your device accordingly. However, if you want to go higher in some cases you actually can. Just keep your nose on the flavor. If the flavor starts to diminish as you ramp up the power, that’s a signal that you’re burning it at a too high temperature so take it down a notch.

Consider the Flavorings

What you vape on is also a consideration if you want your atomizer heads to last longer. Overly sweet vape juices contain artificial flavorings and sugars, which caramelize and gunk up your coils, badly. This gunky build-up stiffens the wicking, completely reducing its ability to soak up vape juice. At a certain point, the wicking will completely lose its ability to soak up the juice, which means that the coil is ready for the garbage.

Clean Your Atomizer Head Regularly

Even though most atomizer heads that can be purchased are sold as disposable, this doesn’t really mean that they are. You should at least attempt cleaning yours before you toss it aside and buy a new one.

Here’s how you do it.

Once you start getting that funky taste from your vape, take out the atomizer head and rinse it in water. After that, take some hot water and pop it in, allowing it to sit there for up to an hour, or even more. Some people recommend distilled water but tap water will do just fine if there’s nothing else available. You can even put it in some grain alcohol (or any other alcohol, for that matter) since it will help soften up the vape juice gunk and make cleaning easier. Just make sure to rinse your atomizer out after dipping it into an alcohol solution. The crucial part here is to let your atomizer head completely dry out before using it again. That’s a slow process and can take up to two days so make sure you have a spare one close by.

Re-Wicking Is Always An Option

The atomizer head is pretty much made up of two parts – the casing and the wick that’s inside. Now, the metal casing can last forever, and there’s really nothing you can do short of banging on it with a hammer to damage it. Most atomizer problems have to do with the wicking.

Obviously, then, one way to extend the life of your atomizer is to simply re-wick it from time to time. That’s easier said than done. Most manufacturers would rather that you buy new atomizers from them so they’ve made re-wicking hard. Still, if you want to give it a try, just Google “rewick [your tank] coil” and you will get plenty of results detailing how to do it. Horizontal coils are easier to re-wick, but vertical ones can be done as well. Just remember to use unbleached cotton. My advice would be to buy cotton that was specifically made for vaping – most people who build their own coils use that.

Your Atomizer Heads Can Last Longer Than You Imagine

That’s right. Throwing away atomizer heads after a few days is a waste of money. It also signals that you’re probably doing something wrong. Luckily for you, following these simple tips will greatly increase the lifespan of your atomizer heads. As always with vaping, a bit of imagination will go a long way!

If you have any questions about the topic – or would simply like to share your own advice when it comes to extending the life of vape coils and atomizers – make sure to leave a comment. I’m curious to see if you have a trick up your sleeve that I didn’t think of!


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