OG Jams VS G Pen Dash VS Pax Mini Dry Herb Vape – A (Slightly Biased) Comparison

In this post, I’ll benchmark our OG Jams dry herb vaporizer against 2 of our strongest & (for the price range) best competitors – PAX Mini and G Pen Dash.

I know, I know: the audacity of me – a Kind Pen employee of 10+ years, who’s had a hand in bringing most of our flower vaporizer on market 😮 – to even dare pen a comparison such as this one!

I get the initial reaction… I really do.

But… you’re wrong to assume things. [Unless you assumed I could be slightly biased towards the OG Jams. Did you assume that? Well, you’re right on the money there.]

Here’s the thing – I OWN & USE (regularly and religiously) all three dry herb vaporizers.

Because my actual job is to vape bud, get toasted, and tell you about it. 

If you look at it like that, there are very few people in the world more qualified than I am to write this.

So I’m doing it. And even though I’ll proudly hoist the OG Jams banner – always and forever – that doesn’t mean I’ll go easy on it. I’ll prove that right now by first poking and prodding at the things The OG Jams could do better (and WILL do better in the device’s next iteration)!

The OG Jams by Yours Truly – The Kind Pen (9/10)

The Misses:

  • Water bubbler: this add-on should be way better. If you don’t fill it up just right, there’s a risk that it’s going to flood your product. Personally, I don’t use it any more because I’m a poor judge, and I’m done wasting my bud.
  • Hot at upper temp limit: We built the OG Jams to deliver optimal vaping experience at mid-range temperatures (around 302°F—380°F). That said, if you go higher (446°F is the highest), the device will get hot. That’s why we included the silicone sleeve.
  • Fragile glass mouthpiece: You’ll get two mouthpieces, and they’re not – in fact – fragile, really. But the mouthpiece with the built-in air diffuser is finicky because the glass parts are so small. Be careful with it or the tiny diffuser chambers inside will break. Trust me.
  • Not ideal for microdosing: It can be done – in this post, I show you how to use the OG Jams for weed microdosing – but it can be a hassle because of the large bowl.

The Hits:

  • Can tolerate a 10-min swim: I tested this myself… but I wouldn’t encourage you to do it, because it was an accident. Anyway, I was wading through waist-high water for about 10 minutes without realizing my OG Jams was in my pocket. Left it out to dry, said a little prayer, and what do you know – it was up and running the next day!
  • Consistency throughout: The biggest plus for me is the consistency of flavor and vapor quality throughout the session. This baby hits the same on the first hit and on the last hit. The flavor stays top notch, there’s no burned plant smell or taste, and everything you put inside the chamber gets nicely cooked; no missed spots or unused bud.
  • Easy to use: Deliberately. We designed the OG Jams to be a frills-free vaporizer. Fire button, temp control buttons, and that’s it. If you’re looking for something that you can hook up to your phone, count puffs, change colors, yadda yadda – this isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a flower vape that gets the job done, you’re in the right place.
  • Awesome flavor: The combination of the ceramic chamber, convection heating, and the glass mouthpiece result in terpene-rich, well-tasting vapor – which can be as dense or as light as you want – depending on how you fiddle with the airflow control.
  • Will kill a sizeable rat (probably): The OG Jams has some serious heft to it. While it’s a pocket vape, it’s one of those that will pull your pants down if you’re not careful. It’s made from a combination of aluminum alloy, heavy magnets, and tough borosilicate glass, and it’s sturdy and durable.
  • Lifetime warranty: This is a staple with us, really… and I have no idea why other companies are not offering lifetime warranty on vaporizers and vape pens. Like all our devices, OG Jams is also covered by our unlimited, no-questions-asked, lifetime warranty. It goes bust? We’ll replace it. It doesn’t survive the swim? We’ll replace it. Just register it by scanning the QR code on the box once it arrives in the mail.

Is this the winner of our little competition? Looks like a winner, right?

OG Jams dry herb vaporizer
Great flavor. No combustion. Fits in your pocket.

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The Pax Mini by PAX (8/10)

The Hits:

  • Super pocketable: It pains me to say it, but this device is just more convenient than the OG Jams. It’s more compact (not by much), but – importantly – it’s not as heavy. So if that’s what’s important for you, you might prefer the Pax Mini.
  • Beginner-friendly: One of the rare PAX vapes that’s frills-free. They’re usually all about them bells and whistles. The Mini is different – press down on the mouthpiece to activate, wait a second, and you’re good to go!

  • Battery life awesome: There’s a big, big caveat here (which you’ll see below), but the 3000mAh battery on Pax Mini will give you 6-7 sessions (if you can call them sessions). Pretty great performance for a device so small.

The Misses:

  • Unforgivably small chamber: I mean, it’s no wonder the battery lasts – the chamber only packs 0.25 grams! It’s a travesty, really. So I only use it for quick, on-the-go hits even though I love how compact it is and appreciate the tight draws and good flavor. I can’t use one Pax Mini chamber and call it a session… for it’s not a session for me. More like half of one. That said, your mileage may vary, especially if you’re a light vaper.
  • No temperature control: Not a huge deal because the Pax can really dial it in with their electronics, but the fact you have no option to go lower with the temp makes little sense to me. I like to vape below temp average, and this robs me of the opportunity to tailor my experience.
  • Horrible cleaning experience: I hate the vapor path on the Mini. Hate, hate, hate it. Why? Because there’s no cleaning it quickly. Since it’s so small and narrow, cleaning turns into a whole thing. You have to set aside time, get your pipe cleaners, Q-Tips, and alcohol ready… even for a quick, basic brush!
  • 2-year limited warranty: Seriously, PAX? Two years? And a thousand hoops to jump through to get a replacement? Smh…

G Pen Dash (7/10)

The Hits: 

  • Price point: The most affordable flower vape on this list. While it’s true that you get what you pay for (in terms of flavor and vapor production in this case), it’s a great unit for tokers who are just trying out vaping and want to do so without breaking the bank.
  • Glass glazed heating chamber: Not a bad idea really because it helps with the flavor and will prevent a nasty burned taste. But it still doesn’t save the G Pen Dash from the overall underwhelming performance when it comes to flavors.
  • Pass-through charging: Actually love this! Battery life leaves a lot to be desired with G Pen Dash, but this feature kind of saves the day because you can plug it in and use it while it’s on the charger.
  • 3 temperature settings: I salute them for throwing in a semblance of temp control here… not easy to do and keep the price down. Still, it’s not true temp control (like with OG Jams) as the levels are predefined… but it’s more than Pax Mini has.

The Misses:

  • Battery life: 950mAh. That’s all you get with the G Pen Dash. I’ve had this thing die on me mid-session. The official line is that it can go 5-6 full sessions, but the most I’ve been able to push it on a full charge are 4 sessions. Good on-the-go vape… but keep your charger close by.
  • Not so good flavor: Dash is a pure conduction vape, which means you need to stir the chamber occasionally so the product doesn’t burn on you. And it often will, even with stirring. Overall, the flavor is not bad… but it’s not on the level of OG Jams, or even Pax Mini.
  • Small chamber: Same deal as with the Mini, only worse. The 0.15-gram chamber is just too small for a decent session. That’s why I’m almost not using the Dash anymore – it sits in my office desk drawer collecting dust for 6 months now.
  • 1-year limited warranty: Meh… 

The Verdict

So what do you think of me pitching the OG Jams, Dash, and Pax Mini flower vapes side by side?

Biased? Unbiased? I mean, I did my best… but I have to declare the OG Jams an absolute winner here.

Let’s say we leave all things equal – the flavor, the build, the features – let’s leave it all aside. And just look at the lifetime warranty we offer here at The Kind Pen. You buy your vape once… and that’s it! Whatever happens to it, even 5 years from now, we’ve got you covered. You only pay for shipping and handling. That’s it.

If that’s not a deal-maker for you, I don’t know what is…

Check Out The OG Jams & See Why It SWEPT the Competition

OG Jams dry herb vaporizer
Great flavor. No combustion. Fits in your pocket.

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