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510 Vape Pen Accessories (Ego Thread Batteries Batteries & 510 Vape Tanks)

Although the vape technology is moving forward at an incredible pace, 510 vape pen batteries and tanks are still the staple of the industry. The 510 part of the name refers to the connection between the battery and the tank - a simple metal threading with 10 threads on a tank or a cartridge that’s 5 millimeters long (hence “510”).There are other threadings available (for example, 808), as well as other battery configurations, but 510 batteries and vape products are still selling like hotcakes all over the world. There are different kinds (with respect to voltage and firing mechanisms) but all of these 510 vape pen batteries work the same and are very easy to operate. What you choose is just a question of personal preference at this point. Are you looking to order one to try out? Or you need a replacement for your 510 vape tank? Familiarize yourself with the different styles (all available right here in The Kind Pen store) and choose the one that best works for your vaping habits!

What is a 510 Vape Pen Battery (Benefits & Drawbacks)

All vape pens have three distinct parts: a battery, a tank, and an atomizer. The tank holds the e-liquid (or wax or some other extract, it doesn't have to be only nicotine), and the atomizer houses the coil that heats and evaporates it. The 510 vape batteries provide the electrical power for the coil to reach that critical temperature needed for the vaporization to occur. These ego-style batteries are different in several things from the bells-and-whistles box mods currently available on the market:


  • They are plug-and-play type of batteries - you simply have to screw them onto the cartridge and press the fire button or draw on the mouthpiece for them to start working. Adjustments to the settings, if needed at all, are minimal. They can be used to vaporizer nicotine e-liquids and wax.
  • They work great with smaller tanks and cartridges - if you own a smaller tank, you don’t need a large battery. Not only can a large battery damage a cartridge but it also doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, and can be a hassle to carry around.
  • They are compatible with all 510 vape accessories - although vape pen batteries work best with smaller tanks and cartridges, they will take any tank with a male 510 connection.
  • 510 vape pen batteries and devices are extremely portable - unlike large box mods, cig shaped 510 vape batteries are very portable and don’t weigh a lot. They resemble a small pen (or a regular cigarette), and will easily fit inside your pocket.
  • They are durable and rarely malfunction or break - since there is minimal electrical circuitry inside the battery, there aren’t so many things that can go wrong with it
  • These ego-style vape pen batteries are affordable - unlike box mod vape batteries, these smaller versions do not cost much to replace. And, since you now know where to get yours, you don’t have to worry about going without vaping even if yours does break or goes haywire.

Of course, smaller 510 batteries for vapes do have some drawbacks, we have to admit that. If you’re an advanced vaper, looking for high temperature vaping and huge clouds, these will not work well for you. The wattage on them is not adjustable so it’s also difficult to use them for low Ohm builds (particularly if you’re going sub-ohm). If you’re interested in cloud-chasing, you’d be better off getting a box mod with a build-it battery of high capacity. That said, most vape pen batteries do not have a high MAH rating, which means that they have a limited supply of electrical juice in them. If you’re using a small tank with a high-resistance coil, these should last you a full day - however, a low-resistance coil will drain them pretty quickly.


Types of 510 Thread Vape Pen Batteries

When it comes to vape pen batteries with a 510 connection, there are several different types for you to choose from. They all work great for their intended purpose but you need to make a wise choice that will depend on the style of vaping that you prefer. Here is a short description of those different 510 vape pen battery types, as well as brief guidelines regarding their use.


Disposable Vape Batteries

Disposable vape pen batteries are great for when you’re on the go - out with friends, or traveling abroad. They are single use and you can pre-fill them with the concentrate or e-juice of your choice, use it up, and then discard them. Keep in mind that these are true to their name - a disposable pen has a single battery charge and cannot be charged. Benefits:  

- Easy to use
- No maintenance required
- No additional parts to think about
- Various hole sizes for different oils
- Very affordable

Autodraw Vape Batteries

The next rung up the 510 vape pen battery ladder are these auto-draw, buttonless batteries. They are the most common out there, and you will find them in corner shops and gas stations. The voltage they provide can be called variable as it depends on the strength of the draw but they are not true variable voltage batteries. The limit on most is 3.3 volts, which is something you should take into account if you are vaping on thicker oils. Charge these batteries with the charger provided exclusively - they run on a lower voltage and should be charged at an appropriate amperage. Benefits:  

- More powerful than disposable batteries
- Can be recharged
- Hold the charge longer
- Work with most 510 tanks and cartridges
- Easy to use

510 Thread Batteries With a Button

When it comes to power output, these batteries are very similar to auto draw vape batteries. The only important difference is that these are equipped with an on/off button on the casing of the battery which allows you to fully shut it off when it’s in your pocket. Benefits:   

- More control over power output
- On/off button
- Works with most 510 cartridges and tanks

Variable Voltage Vape Pen Batteries

If you need more versatility than it’s provided by the disposable or the fixed voltage vape pen batteries, the best choice for your 510 thread vape battery is one where you can adjust the voltage. This small tweak allows you to switch between power settings and temperature to vaporize different types of materials - light liquids or thicker oils. Variable voltage 510 vape batteries are very popular with experienced vapers who want a bit more options when chasing those clouds and flavor. Benefits:  

- Easily adjustable voltage settings (via button or dial)
- Compatible with most 510 tanks and cartridges
- Able to vaporize thicker oils and concentrates efficiently
- Longer battery life
- Button-operated activation

510 Thread Vape Pen Tanks & Cartridges

We also carry a selection of easy-to-use, durable 510 vape tanks and cartridges [as well as dab tools, water pipes, pen vape accessories, vape kits, and other vapor items. All of our tanks are made from premium materials, such as stainless steel, and we cater to many different vaping styles. When selecting your tank, keep in mind that you will have to think about how and what you vape. There are several different 510 thread vape tank types, each suited for different viscosity liquids and concentrates. They are:


  • Polycarbonate vape cartridges - these work best on low voltages (pair them with an auto draw vape battery for best results). They are made from durable plastic and are wicked for use with low viscosity concentrates).
  • Glass vape tanks - These 510 thread vape tanks are made from clean, clear glass and slightly fragile. Still, the flavor is improved, as is the general appearance of your vape setup.
  • Ceramic heating element cartridges - we’ve replaced the coil wire in this with a ceramic heating element. These 510 vape cartridges and tanks work best with medium thick concentrates and liquids
  • Wickless 510 vape tanks and cartridges - these tanks do not have a standard wick, which means that they can be used with very thick oils and concentrates, and you will still get great vaping results.

Need More Info About 510 Vape Accessories and Batteries?

There’s plenty of information here, but if there’s anything that’s not clear, don’t hesitate to contact our support team directly. We’ll happily assist you in picking out a high-quality vape pen battery (as well as all other 510 vaping accessories) so that you’re certain you’re getting exactly what you need every single time! Just head over to our contact page and shoot us an email - we will respond as soon as possible.