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Are you new to oil vaporizers and CBD and THC oil vaping? Not to worry – whether beginners or experts, we have you covered! Below is our selection of state-of-the-art oil vaporizing pens designed for every vaper (and every budget). Choose between slim, cigalike vapes and robust vaporizers with multiple temperature settings that allow you to tailor your vape experience


The Ultimate Guide to Vaping CBD and THC Oils

All over the world, vaping is slowly - but surely - replacing smoking as the preferred method of consuming nicotine. This is especially true in developed countries, where vapers number in millions, and sales of traditional cigarettes have been in decline for several years. The benefits of vaping are so apparent that the practice is taking another related industry by storm - the cannabis industry.More and more cannabis users are turning to vaping THC and CBD products as an alternative option to smoking fresh buds and leaves. If you’re new to vaping oils of any variety (and especially THC and CBD vape juice), you likely have a lot of questions. What oils to vape? What are they good for? What oil vape pens to use? We’ll address those (and other) questions right now so that you can confidently buy an oil vaporizing pen and start enjoying your cannabis sessions with extra flavor, zero smoke, and no coughing! Let’s dig in!.

Vaping On THC & CBD Oils

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on THC and CBD oil vape products. This does not mean that it’s not possible to vape on other essential oils, such as rosemary, lavender, peppermint, chamomile or others. It is possible and a lot of our customers use our devices to vape on them. In terms of benefits, vaping on essential oils is pretty straightforward - most herbs promote relaxation and unwinding to aid in stress relief. Things get a little bit more complicated with THC and CBD, which is why we’re going to be discussing them at length here. Let’s touch on THC oil first.

Vaping on THC Oil

THC - or tetrahydrocannabinol - is the psychoactive cannabinoid of the marijuana plant. When we say psychoactive, we mean that it’s responsible for that characteristic “buzz” that marijuana smokers get - euphoria, elation, the sense of lightness, and so on.THC is a controlled substance in the US, and it has been for nearly 100 years now. However, in recent years, some states have adopted a more relaxed interpretation of the law and medical THC (prescribed by your doctor) is now legal in 30+ states.Vaping on THC oil is popular because studies have found that this compound has numerous health benefits, and can be used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions. Some of those conditions include:
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • ALS
  • Stroke
  • Joint pain (arthritis)
  • Epilepsy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
 THC is especially beneficial when it comes to treating pain. In our internal endocannabinoid system - which is regulated by both cannabinoids that our organism produces and by external cannabinoids - THC binds with CB1 receptors. These receptors are located in our brain and nervous system and THC can help regulate them so that people who are in chronic pain are less susceptible to it and don’t feel it as much (especially when it comes to inflammatory conditions such as arthritis). NASME and NiH (National Institutes of Health) research shows that THC is one of the best natural remedies when it comes to the regulation of chronic pain and spasms in patients with multiple sclerosis.Of course, not everyone can or wants to medicate with THC. In some cases, people dislike the buzz that goes with it. In others, there are limitations to what they can use because of other pharmaceuticals they’re on or their company’s policy. If that’s true, vaping on CBD - another cannabinoid found in abundance in the hemp plant - can offer similar relief (but without the buzz).

Vaping on CBD Oil

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol - a substance that has similar properties to THC but interacts with another set of CB receptors in our endocannabinoid system. CBD is not as psychoactive as THC - meaning that it won’t give you a buzz, a sense of euphoria, or in any other way diminish your reasoning - but it still has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anxiolytic, and antispasmodic properties. Various recent studies suggest that CBD can be used to treat a variety of conditions and symptoms. Some of those conditions include: /span>
  • Skin conditions (rashes, psoriasis, and acne)
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Epilepsy
  • High blood pressure
  • Muscle spasms
The added benefit of vaping on pure CBD oil is that CBD is not classed as a drug in the United States. When derived from hemp, it’s completely legal in all 50 states. Employers also don’t test for it (like they test for THC) so it’s perfectly safe to use it in all circumstances.

A Word On The Entourage Effect

Depending on your preferences and needs, you might decide to use CBD vape oils, or you might go for THC oil. Either is good - but the science tells us that those compounds work best when used together. Enter the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the theory that says that all cannabis compounds - including all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids - work together to enhance each other’s effects.When they’re taken together, they work better than when they’re taken separately.Of course, we’re waiting on more studies to corroborate this theory but there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that makes it ring true. Most users (who can) opt for full-spectrum oils, which contain all the phytocannabinoids from the hemp plan (including around 0.3% of THC), and report having better results than when using isolates of THC or CBD. Our sister company, Kind Hemp, offers full-spectrum CBD oils, tinctures, and topicals. Made from US-grown hemp and with less than 0.3% of THC, these products contain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids needed to trigger the beneficial properties of the entourage effect! Check Out Kind Hemp Today! What we know for certain is that CBD can regulate the effects of THC and, in effect, mellow the buzz that most THC users feel after medicating. For example, if you take CBD with THC, you’re not as likely to feel sedated, hungry, or anxious as a result. Additionally, flavonoids and terpenes, when included in your THC vape oil, have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects and protect the brain.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Oil Vaporizing Pen for CBD & THC Oils?

Smoking cannabis and hemp CBDwill likely have similar therapeutic properties, depending, of course, on the amount of THC and CBD in your choice of bud. That said, vaping on THC and CBD oils has plenty of other benefits that you will enjoy if you opt to switch to that mode of delivery. The benefits when you vape CBD and THC (and the benefits of vaping in general) include:
  • Vaping is cleaner and healthier - there are more than 6,000 compounds produced in smoking, 70 of which are known to cause cancer. With vaping, no more than 20 different compounds are produced (depending on the type and additives). Plus, what you’re inhaling is not smoke but clear vapor, and the contents of your vape pen are never heated by the coil (in the atomizer) to a level that causes the oil to combust and burn. THC and CBD vapes are a much healthier alternative to smoking, which is why you should give it a try, especially if you have difficulty breathing or have lung problems.
  • The flavors are more pronounced with vaping - different vape oils have different flavorings, depending on the cannabis strains they were made from. However, when you’re smoking hemp or marijuana, the strain is pretty much irrelevant when it comes to flavor because the aroma of smoke is overpowering. If you want to enjoy your strain - taste its earthy or robust flavor notes - you’re much better off finding it in THC or CBD e-liquid form than smoking it.
  • You can easily adjust your dosage - when vaping on hemp and cannabis e-liquids, it’s easy to get the dosage just right. Because you know exactly how many milligrams there are in the bottle, you can use that as a guideline for your CBD dosage. On the other hand, with smoking, there are no certainties and you need to play it by the ear (which means that you might be using more than you need, wasting your product and money.
  • Vaping THC and CBD oil is quicker - there’s a lot that goes into rolling a spliff, and it usually takes a while until you can get one ready. However, with cannabis vape pens, you have the advantage of being able to just drop a couple of drops of vape liquid in the tank of your CBD oil vape pen, hit the fire button, and you’re good to go!
  • More THC or CBD ends up in your bloodstream - the bioavailability of CBD and THC is pretty high with vaping - around 35% according to some studies. This means that 35% of the active compound ends up in your bloodstream and is used. The bioavailability is much lower with other methods of consumption, including smoking (a lot of THC and CBD burns up and is never inhaled when your delivery method is smoking).
  • You can vape discreetly - smoking hemp and marijuana gives a very distinctive odor that is difficult to hide or excuse. Vaping hemp oil (CBD concentrate) or THC, on the other hand, is much more discreet. While it still produces a telltale smell, it’s much more subdued and does not linger so you can confidently take a few puffs almost anywhere, even when around others, without fear that someone will notice that what you’re using is a cannabis vape pen, not an e-liquid.
  • You’re saving money - as we already mentioned, dosing with smoking is difficult, which means that you often end up using more than you need. However, when you use a cannabis vaporizer, you get to easily microdose so that you’re not using more of your product than you need to. Many CBD and THC oil pen vapers report making considerable savings after switching from smoking to vaping.

A Word on Different Types of CBD & THC Oil Vape Pens

Over the years, different types of vaporizer devices were developed to cater to different kinds of vapers. As the technology advanced - and as users become more accustomed to this tech - we kind of trimmed the options a bit. Right now, three different types of oil vapes are used by most vapers. These types of oil vaporizers are: These types of oil vaporizers are:
  • Desktop vaporizers - these vaporizers are mostly used to vape on dry herb but some can be fitted with adapters that allow the use of THC and CBD. We won’t go into much detail here but it’s important to know that - while generally good - these vapes are bulky and intended for at-home use.
  • Pod systems - pod systems are easy-to-use vaporizers that are fitted with pre-filled pods containing either THC or CBD vape oil. These pods can be proprietary to the brand (such as Juul pods, for example) or simply a 510-thread vape cartridge that can be used on any vaporizer that supports that connection. Pod systems are great for people who want the ease of use and don’t want to experiment with different THC or CBD oil blends.
  • Refillable pen vaporizers - refillable pen oil vaporizers are oil give a bit more flexibility when it comes to vaping. Like e-juice vaporizers, these CBD oil vape pens are made up of three parts - the rechargeable battery, the tank, and the mouthpiece. The tank is sold empty and can be unscrewed and filled with any oil of your choosing. You can also use prefilled cartridges with these pens. After you’re done vaping on that, you can either top the tank off with the same oil blend or switch the oil and give other brands a try. Refillable vape pens for oils are easy to use, fit in your pocket, don’t require a lot of maintenance, and great for those who are looking for a bit more versatility in their vape device.
We offer a variety of vaporizers with different designs and functionalities. Our flagship products fall into two categories - we have a stellar vape pen for oils (Slim Oil Premium) and a more robust oil vaporizer (Pure) that packs more in terms of versatility and battery power.

How to Use a Vaporizer for Cannabis & Hemp Oils

For veteran vapers, using a vape pen this way is a no-brainer - you pour the vaping products in the tank, screw it on, hit the fire button, and inhale. And, it really is that simple! However, we realize that it’s a bit scarier to do it first when you’re a beginner. That’s why we’ve broken down the process here using one of our refillable vaporizers for oils.
  • Read the instructions - all vaporizers operate pretty much the same but there can be some minor differences when it comes to filling and firing a device. Read the instructions that came with the box and you’ll know exactly how many times you need to press the button to turn the device on or off, how to adjust heat settings (if applicable), how to inhale, and how to clean it.
  • Charge your vape - use the charger that came with the device, and charge the vape battery to 100% of the capacity during the first charge.
  • Unscrew the tank and fill it - if you can remove the tank from the device, unscrew it before filling it with oil. If the tank is integrated with the device, place the device on a flat surface, open the top of the tank, and fill it up. Make sure to tighten the top cover well and to securely screw the tank back on the vape device.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes - when you fill the tank, wait for 15 minutes before vaping. If you’re using a wicked atomizer, this will allow the wick to absorb a bit of oil and help you avoid dry burns. Do this even if the atomizer is wickless - it will give you a chance to see if there’s any leakage you need to fix before vaping.
  • Take shallow puffs - when vaping, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, click and hold the fire button, and inhale slowly. You want to take shallow puffs, rather than filling your lungs, so you won’t draw too much of it into the wick and flooding your atomizer (which can cause the device to malfunction).
  • Rest between puffs - take a short break between each puff. The reason for this is twofold - you want to make sure that you're dosing right and that you’re giving your CBD or THC oil a chance to work. The second reason why you want to take breaks is to avoid overheating the device.
  • Clean your vape - if you’re switching between different oils, it’s a good idea to clean your vape tank. For detachable tanks, warm water and soap will do the trick. Alternatively, you can use q-tips and rubbing alcohol to clean built-in all-in-one tanks that you can’t remove from the device.

Vape on Cannabis Oils With Our State of The Art Devices

As you can see, there are many benefits to using THC and CBD vape pens as opposed to smoking them or using a dry herb vaporizer. 

  • More potent experience
  • Cleaner and healthier
  • Quicker
  • More discreet
 And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you need any help choosing a high quality THC oil vape pen - or have any questions about vaping or CBD and THC in general - don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our specialists will be happy to chat with you and guide you toward making the right decision when it comes to purchasing your first oil vaporizing pen or a CBD vape pen!