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Here you will find our flagship concentrate vaporizers designed for the best concentrate vaping experience. It doesn’t matter if your preferred material is shatter, budder, crumble, or wax – we have something that will neatly evaporate it, providing excellent flavor and an even better hit. A lot of our devices have adapters that turn them into dry herb or e-liquid vaporizers so you’re getting a real bang for your buck! Take a look and if you need help deciding, scroll down to our detailed guide on concentrate vaporizers!

Concentrate Vaporizers

Since 2009, concentrate vaping has been slowly - but steadily - gaining popularity among marijuana and hemp users. And technology has kept up! Today, we have a plethora of wax vaporizers types, as well as different names for them - dab pens, extract vaporizers, and so on. Of course, their sole purpose is the same - to make your concentrate use more enjoyable, easier, and efficient. However, with the developments in technology, it’s become difficult to know which concentrate vaporizer would be a great fit for your style of vaping. There’s a lot of information out there and one website often contradicts the other one. That’s why we have created this short but sweet guide to concentrate vaporizers, with the aim of answering your most frequent questions:
  • What is concentrate vaping?
  • What are the benefits of vaping concentrates?
  • What type of concentrate vaporizer should you get?
  • How does a concentrate vape pen work?
  • What are the different types of concentrates and extracts?
We’ll make this guide as comprehensive as possible but keep in mind that we’ve already written a lot about concentrate and extract vaping. Where possible, we’ll give you a brief rundown and then point you to a separate blog post that covers the subject in more detail.

What is Concentrate Vaping?

Concentrate vaping is simply a process of heating up your favorite extract or concentrate to its evaporation point and then inhaling the vapor. That way, you avoid inhaling any smoke (which contains more than 4,000 compounds that you definitely don’t want to breathe in) and only get the beneficial compounds that are in the concentrate.What’s important to know here is that concentrates and extracts are not the same thing, although we often use the terms interchangeably. 
  • An extract is a substance that’s made by extracting a desirable compound from the raw material. That compound is then suspended in a solvent, most often alcohol or water.
  • A concentrate is what we get when we remove the compound from the solvent. What we’re left with is a more potent form of extract that doesn’t contain any alcohol or water.
Concentrates are a more solid substance that needs to be melted before it is inhaled. That’s why most concentrate vaporizers are equipped with a small bowl that holds the extract as it’s heated and evaporated. That said, most new-generation concentrate vapes can handle more liquid-y extracts, such as essential oils or cannabis-infused oils without any problems.

What Are the Benefits of Vaping Concentrates?

A lot of Kind Pen users ask us what’s the point of vaping on concentrates when we have high-end dry herb vaporizers. That’s a fair question - and one that’s easy to answer. Different vapers prefer different things. It’s not the question of what’s better or what’s worse - it’s simply a question of what someone prefers, and what they’re looking for in their vape.You might want to give concentrate vaporizers a try if you: 
  • Enjoy a more potent vape - as a rule, concentrates are more potent than the dry herb because they contain more THC or CBD per gram. Of course, the exact concentration will vary on the type that you’re using and how pure it is (but we’ll get to that further down on the page).
  • Want more flavor - concentrates are usually jam-packed with flavor, and they definitely beat out dry herb vaping and smoking on that front. Because concentrates usually contain more plant terpenes (depending on the type that you use), it’s going to be easier to pick up those flavorful notes as you inhale the vapor.
  • Need a discreet vape - rolling a joint takes time, and lighting one up somewhere is not exactly discreet. With a concentrate vaporizer, you can take a couple of quick hits wherever you are in seconds, and without any smoke or smell sticking to your clothes.

Types of Concentrate Vaporizers

There are four different types of concentrate vaporizers:
  • Desktop concentrate vaporizers - these vaporizers are large and not portable. Used primarily for group vaping sessions, they can be corded (more common) or battery powered. The vapor is usually collected into a balloon and then inhaled from it. Alternatively, it can be inhaled through a tube (called a whip) directly from the unit.
  • E-nails (e-rigs) - vapor from a concentrate tastes that much better when it’s cooled to a proper temperature. Small, portable e-rigs enable you to do just that. They are usually battery-powered and have a small titanium or ceramic nail on which the concentrate is placed. The nail heats up rapidly, vaporizing the concentrate and delivering vapor through a water attachment, where it’s cooled, allowing for deeper, more satisfying puffs.
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  • Pre-filled concentrate pens - these vape devices come with pre-filled pods. They are exclusively filled with oils. They can contain essential oils but are mostly filled with THC or CBD-infused oils. A good example of such pens are pens produced by our sister company, The Kind Hemp.
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  • Portable concentrate vaporizers - Concentrate vape pens, such as dab vaporizer pens and wax vaporizer pens, are by far the most common way to inhale evaporated botanical extract. In essence, they are very similar to other vaping pens used for dry herbs and e-liquids, with a few minor adjustments made to the atomizer. They are portable and battery-powered so you can vape on the go.
For beginner concentrate vapers, we generally recommend going with a portable concentrate pen. These pens are easy to use and maintain, and usually give you more flexibility as they will often come with adapters that allow you to vape on e-liquid and dry herb, as well as a variety of concentrates.

How to Use a Concentrate Vape Pen?

Before we go into the step-by-step of how to use a concentrate/dab vaporizer pen, let’s first take a quick look at the anatomy of one. Keep in mind that while there are bound to be some minor variations between manufacturers, most concentrate vape pens consist of the same moving parts and work the same.So, from the image above, we can identify three distinct parts (the chamber is there to house the atomizer and your material, nothing more):
  • Battery - while there are differences in colors, capacity (800mAh, 1200mAh, 2000mAh, and so on), and advanced functionality, their principal purpose remains the same - to power up your vape! Batteries can be pre-set temperature or variable, which allows you to change the output temp to anywhere between 350 C – 430 C (great when you’re using different concentrates). Most batteries are Lithium-Ion and fitted with a 510-connection that lets you use it with different tanks and atomizers.
  • Atomizer - this is the heart and soul of your concentrate pen - the place where all the action happens! The atomizer is a heating element on which you place your concentrate to be evaporated (or you place it on a plate right above it if it uses convection heating). Atomizers can be wicked or wickless, and are usually made from a material that can heat up nicely and evenly without suffering any damage, such as titanium, stainless steel, ceramic, or quartz rods.
  • Mouthpiece - a mouthpiece is usually made from a material that doesn’t transfer heat, which is just as well because you don’t want it to burn your lips (so it’s either heat-resistant plastic, glass, or ceramic). The type of mouthpiece that you use can influence whether you have an enjoyable session. If you prefer warmer vapor, use a narrow, short mouthpiece. For colder vapor, make sure it’s a bit bigger and has a wide bore.
Now for the fun bit. As we already mentioned, concentrate vape pens can have design and appearance differences but most of them will have a simple, no-nonsense operation. To demonstrate just how easy it usually is to use one, we’ll break it into steps.
  1. Read the instructions manual - seriously, read it. If there are any funny little quirks with your device regarding the operation, cleaning, or something else, it will be mentioned in there (and it’s usually a one-pager).
  2. Charge your device - most concentrate vaporizers have a built-in battery in them. Charge it according to specs using the charger that came with it (make sure the battery is full before using it the first time to prolong overall battery life).
  3. Assemble the device - screw the heating chamber on the battery, attach the atomizer, and put the mouthpiece on. Usually, everything will be coming together with a 510-thread (that’s an industry standard) or it might be magnetized for quicker assembly.
  4. Load the chamber - usually, the concentrate goes directly on the heating element. If that’s not the case, your device will come with a small plate that goes directly above it. Don’t overload the chamber to a point where it will overflow - a piece of material the size of a popcorn is usually enough to get you started. Use a dab tool because a lot of concentrates are sticky and can’t be handled with your fingers.
  5. Attach the mouthpiece and hit the fire button - put the mouthpiece back on and press the fire button (usually, you will have to hold it while inhaling).
  6. Inhale slowly - start inhaling when you press the button. Do it slowly and deliberately to allow the vapor to build up. If you inhale too forcefully, the concentrate might detach from the heating element and get sucked into your mouthpiece. Release the button when you’re done inhaling and repeat the process until there’s no more concentrate left.
  7. Clean your device - after every use, it’s a good idea to clean your concentrate vape pen. You don’t have to be thorough every single time but you want to make sure to remove all the leftover traces of your concentrate and to keep your chamber clean to avoid burned taste and guck accumulating inside. Every week or so) depending on the use, clean the pen more thoroughly using q-tips and rubbing alcohol - refer to this guide to cleaning vape pens for detailed instructions.
There you have it!As you can see, using a concentrate vaporizer is extremely easy, and so is cleaning one. It’s more practical than rolling, and you get a better high so there’s really no excuse not to try it out!

Types of Concentrates & Extracts

When we’re talking about cannabis and hemp alone, there are a lot of different concentrates and extracts that you could be vaping on. Add to that those various other herbs and essential oils, and the list just goes on and on. For example, you can vape on lavender extracts, as well as catnip, damiana, lemon balm and others - if you want to know more, check out this list of 10 legal herbs you can use in your vape pen.But, let’s get back to the most interesting plant - cannabis. Here you will find 14 different kinds of weed extracts. Some are more potent and some are less potent, but you can use every one of them in your vaporizer. However, the four most popular weed concentrates are:
  • Shatter - a type of concentrate that’s created from BHO and PHO extracts and has high levels of THC and CBD.
  • Budder - extremely pure and potent – 90% THC and 99% purity on average. It’s notoriously difficult to make since it has to be vigorously whipped during the purging process. That’s partly the reason why budder is so freakishly expensive.
  • Wax - wax concentrates have a very high content of THC and other cannabinoids (much higher than regular buds or trim runs) and need to be handled carefully. Because wax is very runny, it’s difficult to handle without proper tools. The most common way of using waxes is with the help of either a dab rig or a personal vaporizer.
  • Crumble - a type of cannabis concentrate that’s made from butane hash oil. Crumble is soft but very potent and flavorful - it contains a lot of THC and other cannabinoids.

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Now that you know everything there is about concentrate vaping, do you think you’re ready to give it a try? To enjoy that pure flavor and find the best buzz of your life?Well, if you are, we’re right here for you! Check out our wide selection of concentrate vape pens, and find the one that will work for you. And don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure - you can always get in touch with the Kind Pen customer care team, and we will answer all your questions and help you make your choice.Vape on!