Meet Covert, the stealthiest member of our Kind Pen fam! Looking for potent vape sessions, but value your privacy? Your secret is safe here. As is your vape cartridge!

    Why Choose Covert:

    Stealthy design – Covert ‘hides’ the cart inside the battery. And protects it, too.

    4 voltage settings + preheat – prep thicker oils before vaping. All weather vaping, baby!

    Takes 0.5, 1 & 2ml carts – one vape to rule them all! So say goodbye to device juggling.

    Double activation modes: Draw or press? Your call with Covert’s dual activation modes.

    Long-lasting battery: A 650mAh battery capacity gives you longer vape sessions.

    And as always, Covert comes with our industry-shaking lifetime warranty. Drop it, dunk it, forget it in your freezer? We’ve got you covered. More details here.

    Choose Covert – because sometimes, the best things in life are unseen.

    See the Vape Guide review here

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