Calling all vape ninjas! The ultimate stealth vaporizer – HIGHkey – handles vape juice, oils & extracts. It also heats up in under 7 seconds… and leaves not a whisp of vapor behind.?

    Grab HIGHkey today if you want to:

    • fool your wife, coworkers… and the cops
    • let loose with oils, juices & extracts
    • easily use all 510-thread tanks (1ml & 0.5ml)
    • quickly preheat thick oils (less than 7 sec)
    • charge your vape in under 1 hour
    • a cool pop-up feature that hides the cart

    Covered by our industry-breaking lifetime warranty. You’re covered… even if you run it over with your car! Get all the details here.

    155+ STELLAR buyer reviews [more below]:

    “I am absolutely in love with my HIGHkey. Each draw packs a delicious punch.” John M.

    The Kind Pen
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