Stealth vaping, you say? You can’t get more stealth than our HIGHkey oil and extractions vaporizer — its car key appearance and flip-out tank make it the ultimate in covert vaping!

Why choose HIGHkey?

  • innovative vape design that will fool your mom, wife, kids (and the cops)
  • temp compatible with oils, extracts, and e-liquids (the ultimate 3-in-1 vape)
  • compact and portable, HIGHkey easily fits into your pocket (or on a keychain)
  • supports slim 510-thread tanks with 1ml & 0.5ml tank capacity
  • ready for vaping whenever you are, thanks to its single-click preheat function
  • charges under an hour, flat, so it’s always juiced up when you step outside
  • a flip-out tank that’s hidden in the body of the vaporizer when you’re not using it

The Kind Warranty – other companies are offering a 1-year warranty at best. At the Kind Pen, we’re so confident in our products that we’re not afraid to cover them with a LIFETIME warranty! For more information on this best-in-the-industry deal, please go here

Sometimes, you just need your vaporizer to do the job that’s in front of it without drawing too much attention to itself? If that’s the case, give HIGHkey a spin today, and see how this covert, sure-looks-like-a-car-key vaporizer transforms your oils and extracts into sweet-smelling vapor clouds. HIGHkey is super discrete in appearance but still delivers on-point flavor and decent clouds. Order yours today and toke up on its top-shelf features — variable voltage, instant preheat function, and fast-charge!

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