Slim Oil Premium Edition – Rose Gold


The enhanced version of our slim oil vape pen — now perfect for thicker oils thanks to its preheat function. Unwind & relax with your favorite concentrates vaped to perfection.

Why choose Slim Premium?

  • Excellent performance & big, scrumptious clouds with our VV feature — 2.4v, 2.8v & 3.2v (even with thicker oils thanks to its preheat (2.0v) function)
  • All that is packed into a ‘fits-into-your-pocket size — seriously, Slim Premium is one of the smallest vape pens you’ll see around
  • Uses way less product than traditional oil vape pens because the battery is so powerful (350mAh, holds the charge, and charges fast)
  • Battery compatible with most 510-thread cartridges and tanks (can be used with concentrates, oils, and e-juices)
  • Made from food-grade materials (metal and glass) — contains absolutely ZERO glues or other harmful substances

All Kind Pen vaporizers come with our best-in-the-industry lifetime warranty – learn more here. Give that ‘Buy Button’ below a clickety-click if you want to join 1000+ happy users!

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