Straight Neck Beaker


Straight Neck Beaker Bong – Where Every Rip is a Lungful

Delivers extra voluminous rips thanks to its beaker base. Bigger base, bigger rips? Well, if that doesn’t spell out a better time, we don’t know what does! Choose our Straight Neck Beaker Bong if you’re looking for:

  • Sharp, Simple & Scientific Design: ease of use, quick cleaning & stunning aesthetics.
  • Nearly Unshatterable: 9mm thick ‘high glass’ – tempered, heat-resistant borosilicate.
  • Wide Glass Tube with Flared Mouthpiece: delivers smooth hits with your every rip.
  • Effortlessly Cooler Smoke: fire-cut 6-slit down stem creates hundreds of air bubbles. 
  • 14mm Bowl: fit extra dry herb for multi-sessions (slides for easy loading & unloading).
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty: built to last for the rest of your life… or we’ll replace it.

Bigger Volume. Bigger Rips.

With our classic beaker bong, every inhale is a lung-full. The wide beaker bottom draws in more smoke, chilling it to perfection before you take a hit. Extra width means extra stability… which is just another (extra) perk of the beaker design. 

  • 5.5” Beaker Diameter: plenty of space for massive, full-bodied milky rips.
  • Extra Stability: no accidental tipping over – enjoy your sessions even fully baked.
  • #KIND Logo Tube: you’ll be a part of the #KIND family… & we take care of ours.
  • Ice-cold Rips for Days: 3-notch ice-catcher on the tube adds an extra layer of chill.
Straight Neck Beaker
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