The Don


    [ALL NEW] Meet The Don — the world’s first dual use temp control e-rig for dabs & oils.

    “The Kind Pen’s Don reinvents and elevates your dabbing. It’s now hard-hitting AND easy!” The‎ High Times

    • Dual use with waxy dabs and oils
    • Desktop-level, potent & flavorful hits
    • Large battery (8-10 sessions)
    • Discreet dabbing (fits in your palm)
    • Incremental temp adjustment
    • Built-in water bubbler for cool vapor

    Covered by our industry-breaking lifetime warranty. You’re covered… even if you run it over with your car! Get all the details here.

    The Don racked up 5* reviews from The Vape GuideGanjapreneur | Hightimes | CBDIncubator

    Watch the how-to from GoStoner

    “The Don is far and away the best purpose built device in the space.” Alfred

    The Kind Pen
    The Don
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