Pssst, Here’s What the 710 Dab Holiday is All About (& How You Can Celebrate It)

710 dab holiday

Let’s talk a bit about the 710 stoner holiday.

Have you ever heard of it?

Celebrated maybe?

Well, if you’re a friend of Mary Jane’s, chances are you know real well what this holiday is. And that you’ve celebrated it. Or better yet, that you celebrate it every day.

But you still might not know how it all came to be… so here’s a little history lesson for you.


What Is the 710 Dab Holiday?


The 710 dab holiday is celebrated far and wide by cannabis users. Specifically, those cannabis users that love to get high on oils, dabs, and concentrates.

Why 710?

It’s pretty straightforward — the holiday is celebrated on July 10th (7/10) – making it super easy to remember. 

Additionally, when 710 is turned upside down, it spells OIL. Pretty nifty, right?


And this is why the 710 day holiday is mainly centered around dabs, cannabis oil, and concentrates. 

The whole idea of the 710 holiday started in 2011, with rapper TaskRok. He released an album called The Movement on 7/10/2011 and then engaged in an orchestrated social media campaign to turn this dream holiday into a reality. Thanks to his previous activism in promoting cannabis (and hordes of loyal fans), the campaign was a huge success.

710 Dab Holiday — It’s When You Set Aside Time To Learn More About Cannabis 

In my experience, the majority of people who like cannabis already know a lot about it. 

However, there is always more to learn! And those new to it may be seeking additional tips or information, too.

Start researching or reading articles to learn more about the history of the cannabis movement. One place to start is by looking through the archives of High Times. You’ll find great info here.

For example, you can learn more about how cannabis is grown and processed, and you can learn about the different ways people consume the plant. You can also learn about all of the other places that people buy cannabis, such as dispensaries and smoke shops. And so much more.

710 Stoner Holiday — It’s When You Geek Out On All Things Cannabis 

One important thing to know about 710 Dab is that this holiday is not just a day where people are smoking a lot of cannabis. This day is a day when people can celebrate all the different ways that cannabis can be consumed. And it can be observed in many different ways. 

For example, it’s a day where you can drink a cannabis-infused cocktail at a bar or a restaurant. It’s a day where you can explore the different cannabis strains and how they affect your body. 

It’s a day to discuss the legalities and politics surrounding the cannabis industry. It’s a day where you can geek out on cannabis facts and science. It’s a day where you can learn about all the cannabis products you can consume, from edibles to oils.

One awesome way to celebrate 710 dab is to purchase some delicious cannabis-infused desserts! This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate. 

You can purchase them for yourself, but you can also buy some of these treats for your friends or relatives. You can celebrate with them, or do a “just because” gift for them saying something like… “I am giving you these gifts to show you how much I love you and to show you that I am so happy you are part of my life and part of my family.” To share the positive vibes and spirit of 710 with those you love. 

Here are a few different types of treats you can enjoy:

  • Cannabis-infused brownies
  • Cannabis-infused chocolate
  • Cannabis-infused gummies

See… plenty to do the next time that 710 roles in!

Cannabis-Themed Crafts (& Kids Can Craft But Hold the Bong!)

It seems like there is 710-themed everything these days! You can choose to either purchase some 710 swag to wear on this holiday. Or, you can do some crafts yourself if you’re feeling adventurous.

Consider making a 710 t-shirt or hat for yourself or your friends. You could craft some jewelry as well to wear on this particular occasion, too.

710 Celebrates Dabbing — Here’s What That Is


So if you’re new or still learning about cannabis, you may be wondering, what is dabbing?

Dabbing has become a new trend that is sweeping the cannabis community by storm. The dab is a concentrated form of marijuana that is vaporized and inhaled. The dabbing trend has been around for a few years, but it seems to be gaining speed.

So, how is dabbing different from smoking?

Dabbing is a technique for consuming cannabis concentrates and extracts. It’s also a technique for consuming cannabis oil and flower oils. By adding another element to the infusion, dabs add another dimension to your smoking experience. It’s a way to customize your experience in a way that adds new flavors and colors. The resulting product can go either one of two ways. Either the solution is vaporized, or it’s smoked. 

With a vaporizer, you’re vaping instead of smoking. Vaporizers can range from a simple butane torch to a high-end cannabis vaporizer. One of the best rigs for vaping on dabs is a little vaporizer called Storm (from yours truly).

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Dabbing Equipment

Dab rigs come in all different shapes and sizes. They range from discreet bowls to eye-catching refilling sets. 

A dab rig can also be composed of several components. Some components are used for the sole purpose of burning cannabis extract, while other parts are used for flavor and waxing. 

Dab rigs also come in a few different variations. You can go all-in or go more simply. You can purchase dab rigs without a heating element, or you can buy a used setup with components. 

The thing about dab rigs is that they can range from around $60 to $1,000. The starting point of the range is what the average consumer purchases. If you have a small budget, you could buy a jar, a concentrate holder, a hot box, and a dab rig.

9 Ways to Celebrate the 710 day Holiday

In honor of this excellent stoner holiday, we’re sharing this quick and summarized list of ways you can celebrate with your friends, family, or maybe just out in nature self-reflecting.

  • Give holiday-related/weed-related gifts to your friends and family! (Note: they don’t have to be a stoner themselves to receive a gift from you – it’s the thought that counts and everyone needs more reasons to celebrate.)
  • Look for events to attend in your local community or a large city.
  • 710 is home to some of the unique cannabis events you’ll ever attend. There are no other events like them in the world.
  • Host a 710-themed party at your house and invite your cannabis-loving friends.
  • Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors while consuming your favorite type of cannabis.
  • Take time to read, research, or learn more about the cannabis industry and what it has to offer.
  • Indulge with some delicious cannabis-infused desserts.
  • Do some 710 arts and crafts.
  • Simply get high and geek out on all things cannabis.

The Best Part About the 710 Holiday?

It’s a day where you’ll get to be part of the cannabis community.  And be around like-minded friends to celebrate something you enjoy. 420 is probably the most commonly known and widely celebrated stoner holiday around. 420 is similar to 710 in that its name represents the date it is celebrated (April 20th, or 4/20). 

710 Dab gives us another day of the year to celebrate as a cannabis community! Help spread the word about 710 by celebrating this year to help the cannabis community expand 710 to be just as significant and widespread as the celebration of 420! 

Celebrating 710 — The Dabbiest Holiday of Them All

Celebrating 710 doesn’t just refer to purchasing an expensive new bong or a lot of weed. The holiday also means incorporating more than 50 different ways in which to consume dabs and concentrates into your life. 

It’s an occasion that genuinely reflects the stoner life culture and offers a wide array of vaping options. 

Also, don’t be scared to dab! The dab holiday has grown to become so much more than just vaporization.

Since 710 dab has become one of my favorite days of the year, it’s a day I make sure to spend with my friends, let loose, and have fun. I hope you find enjoyment too by celebrating using one of the ideas mentioned in this article.

Want Your Dabs to Hit the Right Way?

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