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Are You Tired of Unreliable Vape Manufacturers Who Deal in Shoddy Products.. Run Out of Stock ALL the Time… & Deliver Late… Leaving You to Deal With Ticked Off Customers?

Who isn’t tired of them, right?

You have a business to run…

And an integral part of that business is making sure that your vape shop shelves are stocked with high-quality vape pens that your customers love… and come back for.

You can’t afford to have a bulk vaping gear seller who can’t honor shipment deadlines…

… or who tries to pass sub-par vape devices as state-of-the-art gear… 

… or doesn’t take responsibility for manufacturing defects.

If you tolerate that, you’re doing your vaping customers a disservice… and they will find another local vape store to take their business to.

You don’t want that.

So how about…

… Partnering with a Reliable Vape Gear Powerhouse & Getting CRAZY Discounts?

Get the best wholesale deals in the US of A by joining forces with

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We are working with hundreds of vape shop owners now… but we’ve had to pass on dozens of applications because they were incomplete.
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And I definitely don’t want you to take my word on all of this. Here are just a handful of testimonials from our wholesale partners:

“I have been managing a medical dispensary in Maine since it opened 4 years ago. My first choice for an inventory of electronic devices was Kind Pens, specifically the Kind Pen Mist line. My main reasons for this decision is that Kind Pen stands behind their product and offers a great guarantee, kind pens are sold at an affordable price, and the quality of Kind Pens is amazing in my opinion.”

Lucas Davis, Manager @ Lisbon Cannabis Company

“Unfiltered review: I’ve been purchasing from The Kind Pen since I opened my brick-and-mortar in September of 2020. The lifetime warranty is bar none! The one time I sold a dysfunctional Breezy and the customer brought it back immediately, I was able to make a simple phone call to TKP and get it replaced. Love you guys!”

Kathy, Manager @ Carolina Hemp Company

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with The Kind Pen. Fast shipping great products and if anything goes wrong, they stand behind their products with replacements. The Kind Pen is always updating merchandise to be a leader in the industry.”

Harold Evans


That’s right – you can now get your wholesale vapor products such as e-cigarettes and vaporizers directly from a trusted USA-based brand!

We carry a wide selection of:

  • Dry herb vaporizers – in recent years, we’ve developed the highest quality products for dry herbs… at very competitive prices. We also carry a selection of grinders, trays, and spare parts, such as vape batteries and cartridges, and chambers in various styles.
  • Concentrate & extract vapes – high-quality design and technology of vaporizers for various weed extracts and concentrates. All the customers who use our products note that these concentrate pens are state of the art.
  • E-juice and oil vapes – best in-line vaporizers for people who want to quit nicotine cigarettes. Choose between standard vape pens and disposable vape pens and vape cartridges with e-liquid. We also carry a selection of low-cost 510 thread batteries for all tanks and 510 thread cartridges.

And if that weren’t enough…just imagine working with…

… the most trusted vape wholesale company in the USA – a vape distributor and manufacturer that regularly wins awards for their vape products…

… a team of merry professionals who are always there to help you choose the best wholesale vape deals… iron out shipping kinks… and solve problems…

… that offer the best terms and conditions on electronic cigarettes, as well as an array of other services like wholesale pricing and support on orders…

… a vape company so confident in their vape pens, vape mods, and vape accessories [alas, we don’t create our own vape juice] that they’re offering a…


A Lifetime Guarantee On ALL Vape Devices!

Yeah, you’ve read that right!

We want to make this easy and straightforward for you because we know you have your hands full with running a business over there.


Every Kind Pen vaping product [limited to our vaporizers and vape pens] comes with a  lifetime warranty!

If you [or any of your customers] end up with defective Kind Pen vaping hardware, get in touch with us and we’ll fix or replace it ASAP.

What does this mean for your vape shop business?

Happy vapers… returning vapers… and more money!

Need an additional guarantee of that?

Here are a few customer reviews that our products get. Remember – this is a snippet. We have a truckload of these pouring in every day:


Why Should YOUR Vape Shop Carry the Kind Pen Vape Products?


Not to sound harsh here – but some of your competitors are already working with us. Smoke shop and vape shop owners [and other select retail stores

around the United States] stock and love the Kind Pen… because vapers love the Kind Pen. You don’t want to be left outside looking in just because you

don’t carry our vapor products

  • The Kind Pen vaping devices and vape accessories are loved [and trusted] by more than 1 MILLION users! We’ve already built a solid base of returning customers – you have to tap into and take advantage of it.
  • We cater to all types of vapers! You can expand your vape store offering with state-of-the-art concentrate vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and e-juice vape pens…Without negotiating with dozens of different vendors and losing money due to minimum order deals.
  • Did we mention our lifetime warranty on defects? This is the most comprehensive guarantee in our industry, and it covers our newest products and our old ones. So sleep soundly knowing that we have your back – all you need to do is reach out via this website, email, or phone!
  • Our mission is your success! Your Kind Pen account manager will work with you to pinpoint the best vapor products that will work on your market.
    These might be our latest products or they might be our flagship vaporizers – we’ll figure out what your customers want and help you give it to them!
  • You get first dibs on our wide range of products. And great packaging. And, because you’ll be in our vape wholesale program, you’ll also get access to our best wholesale vape pen prices. Large orders might be eligible for free shipping, depending on quantities and distance.

What do you say?

Are you ready to…

Load Up On Best Vape Products…

With the Best Wholesale Prices &…

WOW Your Vape Shop Customers


Become an Exclusive Kind Pen Wholesale Partner [Apply Here]

[NOTE: Click the link above to fill out a short form. It’s short… but please be detailed when filling it out.
We are working with dozens of vape shop owners now… but we’ve had to pass on hundreds of applications because they were incomplete.
We want you to have access to some of the best vaporizers on the market from the top US wholesale supplier. Help us get them to you!]