Q: Is my device covered under warranty?
A: Yes. All parts of the Mist can be ordered separately on The Kind Pen warranty app. Just create an account and use your serial number to register your device after entering the serial number all the parts for your device with show up. You can redeem any parts/colors needed *Please note that shipping is charged per part.
Q: How do I turn my device on/off?
A: In order to turn your device on, click the button 5 times fast. Then you will see 3 flashing lights on the button, either red, blue or green. Those lights indicate voltage.
Q: How do I know if my battery is dead?
A: When you attempt to hold the button of your pen down and the light flashes 3 times red immediately, you need to charge your device. You will feel the strength of your battery weakening as it begins to die. You should only be charging your device for 30-60 minutes at a time, and we recommend using a car charger or computer USB port.
Q: What color lights indicate the voltage settings?
A: Red indicates high voltage, blue is medium and green is low. To change voltages, just click the button 3 times fast. You can also preheat your device if you need to warm your oil.
Q: What should I do if a crack develops at the base of my battery, and why did this happen?
A: Typically the battery of the Mist device can crack if it is left charging for too long or being charged with a charger that differs from the one it came with, or if the cartridge is left screwed in when charging. If this happens, you can use your warranty to replace your device on The Kind Pen app.
Q: Is the cartridge that came with my device refillable?
A: Yes, you can typically refill the cartridge that comes with the Mist 3-4 times, depending on the voltage you are usually using your pen on and the consistency of the oil in your cartridge, but the cartridge should not be cleaned or used with different oils. If you need extra empty cartridges, they can be purchased here You can also use your pen’s warranty to replace your cartridge on the app.
Q: What type of oil can I use this device with?
A: The Mist is compatible with most oils, but the thinner the oil, the lower the voltage setting that should be used. If using a thick oil, we recommend using the medium or high temperature setting.
Q: Can I use prefilled cartridges with my device?
A: Yes, just be sure they are 510 threaded and if you get a white flashing light when using a prefilled cartridge, slightly adjust the connection by tightening or loosening the cartridge.